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First appearance The Private
Debut January 14, 2009
In-story stats
Known ability None
Home Iraq
Occupation Translator

Ammar is an Iraqi man who works as a translator for the U.S. Marines.

Character History

Heroes Evolutions

The Private

In chapter 1 of The Private, Ammar meets Rachel Mills as she is fleeing an attack on her outpost. Ammar, the Iraqi translator for Rachel's unit, follows Rachel down a side street and into a side alley in hopes of escaping the area. He then tries to persuade her from trying to crack a coded message that she found earlier, to no avail. After Rachel cracks the code, and removes the tracking device in her helmet that the code led her to discover, Ammar betrays Rachel and uses a pistol to direct her out onto the main street at gunpoint. While Ammar and Rachel are quickly surrounded by men in hazard suits, Ammar confirms to Rachel that he really does like the Lakers and is just doing this for a monetary reward. He then watches as one of the other men places a hood over Rachel's head.

In chapter 2 of The Private, Ammar approaches a deep pit containing Rachel Mills and another prisoner. He tells Rachel that things have not gone according to her captors plans and they plan to kill her. When Rachel asks for his help, Ammar proposes an escape plan where he returns after it is dark and Rachel and he use his motorcycle to make a one to two days drive back into Iraq. He explains that he knows a road that fighters were using to enter Iraq, but now avoid because U.S. forces are watching it. Ammar continues that Rachel will signal her people when they get close and tell them that they escaped. When Rachel asks about bringing her fellow captive, Jim, Ammar responds that there is no room for Jim and that she shouldn't trust him. However, when Ammar returns later that night and helps them escape the camp, Rachel knocks Ammar out with her fist. She then flees with Jim using Ammar's motorcycle that Ammar had parked between two low storage buildings.


  • Ammar is the Iraqi translator for Rachel's unit, but it is unknown as to whether he resides in Ghanaf, Iraq, where Rachel's unit was assisting in the operation of a checkpoint.

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