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First appearance The Private
Debut January 23, 2009
In-story stats
Known ability None
Occupations Agent of Homeland Security, former PES Agent

Jim was an agent of The Company's PES division; who, following the Company's disintegration, found work with the Department of Homeland Security and joining Danko's team; hunting evolved humans at the behest of their superior; Senator Nathan Petrelli. He joined the Department at the same time as Rachel Mills; who he befriended while on a mission in Iraq.

Character History

Heroes Evolutions

The Private

In chapter 2 of The Private, Rachel Mills finds Jim sitting down in her pit after having been interrogated by her captors. Jim allows Rachel to squeeze down next to her, and introduces himself. He gives Rachel his first name, Jim, and tells her he was there because he went off by himself in Iraq while following orders from Jeremy Woo. Jim also explains that he works as a freelance security consultant for a paper company, and claims that he was grabbed just outside Baghdad. He adds that he was grabbed the same day as Rachel, and claims that he was just guessing when she questions how he knew that. Ammar then arrives to the top of the pit, interrupting his conversion with Rachel. After Ammar makes his escape proposal to Rachel, Jim whispers to Rachel that they will jump him and take his bike when he gets them out. Jim escapes with Rachel when Ammar returns and leads them out of the camp later that night. He tells Rachel that Ammar is just a punk and for them to get rolling. They find Ammar's motorcycle between two low storage buildings and Jim drives himself and Rachel away from the camp using it. They drive for a couple minutes, then pull off and climb to the top of a nearby hill to check for pursuit.

Reaching the top of the hill exhausted, Jim teases Rachel that he is in good shape but that she is a machine. He then tells Rachel that they might not be driving any more and gets her to turn around and spot four desert fighters who turn out to be U.S. Special Forces who have been monitoring the facility Rachel and Jim escaped from. Two hours later, Jim is briefed with Rachel by the Special Forces lieutenant. He learns that the Special Forces squad has received orders to destroy the prison camp, and that they will claim that they are rescuing Rachel and Jim if there is any political fallout.

In chapter 3 of The Private, Jim and Rachel are warned by the Special Forces lieutenant, Sam, that he expects Iranian army forces to come quickly when they set off the charges in the biological warfare compound, so they should be prepared to run. Jim then nods his head in understanding. Rachel notes to herself that the squad is thinking that Jim must be CIA, but Rachel isn't so sure and warns Jim that she plans to get some answers from him after the mission is over.

Jim and Rachel then watch from a rocky hill as the Special Forces squad sneaks down to the compound. When Rachel spots someone leave a hidden door, he tells her it is too late to warn the squad and watches with her as they are killed in an explosion. Jim then takes off running away from the facility, but turns back when he sees Rachel head toward Sam's body. He reaches Rachel at Sam's body and tells her that the squad is all dead. Jim also insists they flee, and ends up thrown on his back when he grabs Rachel's arm. He is then instructed by Rachel to head back to the camp and find a radio and recall codes or some other way to get help while she heads inside alone to finish the mission. Jim says that is crazy, but allows Rachel to head inside by herself.

In chapter 4 of The Private, Rachel's interviewer thumbs through his notepad and tells her what he already knows about her escape from the facility in Iran before she can tell him about it. He explains that Jim encountered Rachel on a hill outside the facility, and they then made their way toward the border. However, on the way, they were met by a helicopter hired by Jim's employer. He also explains that he also knows that officially, they both crossed the Iraq-Iran border, attacked an Iranian army convoy and were captured. The interviewer adds that they do believe her story, and then Jim walks through the door and says hello.

Jim tells Rachel that he wasn't working for this organization when he met her, and that he just started working there. Jim continues that he told them their story, and they were very interested.

When the interviewer leaves the office temporarily, Jim answers several questions for Rachel. He explains that his old boss, Jeremy Woo, was killed by terrorists that blew up a dam, that the terrorists were not part of Al-Quaeda, and that the incident didn't occur in Iraq. Jim also notes that the people responsible were caught, but that he didn't do anything--only watch.

In addition, Jim answers that there was maybe a bit more to his job than working security for a paper company, but declines to discuss the empty file Rachel found in the facility in Iran. After approaching Rachel and pointing a finger at her, Jim also tells Rachel never to bring up that file again, especially not in the place where they are located. Rachel presses him for what he knows, but Jim refuses to tell her and says it is for her own good that she doesn't know. The interviewer then returns and Jim walks out without even looking back.

The Agent

In chapter 1 of The Agent, Rachel Mills has been hired by what she believed to be a professional paramilitary organization. She continues to encounter Jim, who is now a fellow agent, while working for this organization. She thinks Jim seems protective of her, but knows that Jim is keeping things from her.

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