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Reginald Stanley

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Reginald Stanley
Carnival Strongman face.jpg
Portrayed by Brian Estwick
First appearance Shadowboxing
In-story stats
Known ability None
Nickname Yoda
Residence Sullivan Bros. Carnival
Occupation Carnival strongman

Reginald Stanley works as the strongman at the Sullivan Bros. Carnival.

Character History


As Samuel and Becky talk in the carnival, Reginald packs up his stuff behind them and enters his trailer.


As Samuel makes a speech at the Thanksgiving dinner table, Reginald stands behind them, preparing the food.

Upon This Rock

As Claire walks through the carnival, cleaning up trash, Reginald walks behind her, talking to another carny.

Close to You

Reginald strolls through the carnival as Eli keeps watch over Vanessa.

The Art of Deception

Reginald listens to Samuel as he prepares to hand himself over to Noah. He is nearly brought to tears by Lydia's death and later stands with the other carnies as Samuel announces his plan to show the world who they really are.

The Wall

Reginald passes by Samuel and Evan Davis. Later, Reginald walks past Eli as he keeps Claire locked up in Samuel's trailer. He is later seen carrying a large object as Claire and Samuel discuss his grand plan.

Brave New World

Reginald nods in agreement when Ian says that Samuel has given them all new life. Later, he is teleported to safety with the other carnies by Hiro and Ando.


  • According to Brian Estwick, he created a lot of (non-canonical) background information about his character. The carnival strongman's name is Reginald Stanley. Brian describes Reginald as "a true avatar," and says that the character "represents a descent of the Godhead into human form, whose role here on earth is to serve, protect and aid in mankind's spiritual development and evolution." Brain says that Reginald comes from a class of avatars who come down to earth in a human form representing physical strength. "As an avatar, Reginald's mind is as powerful as his physical body, giving him psychic powers of vast proportion. Reginald's two primary roles are physical strength protection and as a healer through the use of mind power and intellect, that is, the sharing of knowledge, ideas, and healing traditions passed down and learned over his many incarnations. Reginald's mental and physical powers are indeed far more vast than humanly calculable--his role is not to intercede and influence man's affairs but to guide, and only step in if absolutely necessary--thus he stood back and allowed Samuel to commit his destruction as it was all a part of the process of learning for the other heroes and for the carnies as well.
  • According to Brian Estwick, his character's nickname is Yoda. This nickname comes from his character's accumulated wisdom.

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