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Episode:Upon This Rock

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Upon This Rock
Season: Four
Episode number: 412
First aired: January 4, 2010
Upon This Rock.jpg
Written by: Juan Carlos Coto
Directed by: Ron Underwood
Previous episode: The Fifth Stage
Next episode: Let It Bleed
Heroes Interactive transcript
There are many ways to define our fragile existence. Many ways to give it reason. But it is our memories that shape its purpose and give it context. A private assortment, of images, fears, loves, regrets. We alone choose the importance of each. Building our own unique histories one memory at a time. Hoping the ones we choose to remember don't betray or trap us. For it is the cruel irony of life that we are destined to hold the dark with the light, the good with the evil. That is what separates us, makes us human. And in the end, what we must fight to hold on to.


Story Development

Ian Michaels · Plant growth



Claire is working at the Sullivan Bros. Carnival and contemplating posters advertising Lydia and Eli. Eli watches Claire as she walks by him down the midway, picking up trash. Lydia assures Claire that he's harmless and he's only watching her because she's new. Claire admits she's not comfortable with people staring at her. Lydia has Mrs. Comey's blueberry pancakes for Samuel and suggests she take them to him to get some points.

At his trailer, Samuel is going through Noah's Primatech files when Claire knocks on the door. She notices the box, which he quickly tries to conceal behind him and then covers over with a cloth. He thanks her for the pancakes and goes outside with her to eat them. Claire comments that the box looks like the one from her father's paper company, and Samuel admits he's shared history with Noah. When she asks for more information, he says he's more interested in the future, and he has the homeland to prepare for. Claire says she'll be getting back to college for her class on Monday and Samuel says it's her loss. He puts on a suit and asks how he looks, and then explains he's going to the city to get someone essential to building the homeland, and hopes she'll join them when it's complete. As Claire goes, Eli watches her, multiplies, and talks to Samuel. Samuel tells him to make sure Claire doesn't go.

Hiro teleports to Tokyo, Japan and introduces himself to a ramen vendor as a knight from the starship Enterprise. The vendor doesn't know what he means. Hiro hears a woman cry for help and sees her struggling with a purse snatcher. He grabs a cleaver from the vendor and approaches the man, claiming it's a light saber. When the man doesn't stop, Hiro cuts the purse strap à la Duncan MacLeod and shouts, "There can be only one!" The man then runs away. Hiro returns the purse to the woman and calls her Dulcinea, much to her confusion. The police arrive to arrest Hiro, who asks for his sidekick. The police take him into custody.

Hiro saves a woman's purse through unusual methods.

In the fields outside the carnival, Samuel remembers the past when he tried to use his powers and Joseph dared him to see. The ground shakes but Samuel is unable to shift a boulder. Samuel insists that he'll be able to move bigger rocks one day, and people will come to see him. Joseph comments that he wants Vanessa to see him, and says they'll never go back to her again. He jokingly says he'll buy a ticket to bring Vanessa back if Samuel can ever move the rock.

In the present Eli continues to watch Claire as she gets lunch. She overhears Lydia discussing a man who just arrived with Amanda and Lydia telling her daughter to stay away from him until they know more about him and his family. As Amanda stalks off, Claire chuckles and Lydia asks what's so funny. Claire admits that it's the first normal conversation she has heard at the carnival, and they sound like her and Sandra when they argue. When Claire comments it must be nice for them to grow up in a place like the carnival, Lydia suggests it isn't quite so perfect. Claire then asks if Lydia can use her power to know why Samuel wants her there. Lydia admits that Samuel is bringing a lot of people in, and it seems to have become an obsession for him. He spent the morning in his trailer with Noah's files.

Claire goes to Samuel's trailer but finds Eli waiting for her. She says she was looking for Samuel, and another Eli appears behind her to say Samuel isn't there. Another Eli appears and wonders why she isn't on beautification duty, and tells her to get on with it.

The police bring Hiro to Yamagato Industries and talk to Ando. He confirms that Hiro has been missing for six weeks. The officer tells Ando that they don't know what Hiro is saying. When Hiro is brought in, he addresses Ando as Sancho Panza and his conversation is full of references to science fiction and literature. Ando has him released into his custody and explains to the police officer that Hiro has a brain tumor, and it's getting worse.

At the hospital, Emma receives her mail and finds a letter from Mercy Heights College of Medicine, telling her that her application has been rejected, although they encourage her to apply again in a year. Later, she goes home and contemplates the cello that her mysterious benefactor sent her. The door light flashes and she finds Samuel at her door. He introduces himself and uses sign language to speak with her, saying he's like her. She initially thinks he's deaf, but then Samuel clarifies that he has a gift like hers, and he's the one who sent her the cello. He shows her a compass tattoo on his arm, which matches one engraved on the cello.

Samuel tells Emma that he sent her the cello.

Ando continues to try and get Hiro to make sense. Hiro says they must go to the land of swamp dragons and rescue Dr. Watson from Castle Arkham. Kimiko comes in with the number of a neurosurgeon and insists on getting Hiro help, but Ando insists that Hiro's statements have some meaning they need to figure out. When Hiro mentions the X-Men and the Danger Room, Ando realizes he's referring to the room where he keeps his comic books. Ando heads there and Hiro follows him as Kimiko sighs in exasperation.

Samuel explains to Emma that he knows about her ability, and that he learned about it from Lydia. He insists that they're all connected and she reluctantly invites him in. Samuel explains that the cello was meant for someone special in his life, someone he lost, and it wasn't easy giving it away. With Emma's permission, he picks up the cello and admits that it's now found its proper home. Emma explains that the wall cracked the last time she played it, and Samuel explains that it was her fear that caused the damage, not the cello. He asks for her help and shows her a Primatech file on a man named Ian Michaels. Samuel explains that the man can control plant life, and that he divorced himself from the world when his powers manifested. Now he lives in Central Park, and Samuel wants Emma to help.

At the carnival, Claire continues to notice Eli and his clones watching her as she works. She tries to run and they give chase into the House of Mirrors. Eli goes in while his clones guard the entrance. He finds her at the center, using the mirrors to create multiple reflections of her. When he charges at one, she knocks him out and the other clones disappear as she leaves the attraction and goes to Samuel's trailer. She finds the Primatech box, photos of the nearby valley, and a map of the area. Inside the box are files for D.L. Hawkins, Matt Parkman, Gabriel Gray, Claire Bennet, Maya Herrera, Micah Sanders, Ted Sprague, Peter Petrelli, Nathan Petrelli, and Eden McCain. She also finds a photo of young Samuel and Joseph. Claire is suddenly forced outside by Eric Doyle, using his power to control her. He asks her what she's doing and Claire tells him that Samuel is collecting people with abilities. Eric insists that they're a family and Samuel wants them together, and she thinks the worst of people. Claire explains that Samuel is using Noah's files to track people, and is up to something. Eric refuses to let her ruin it for everyone, including himself.

In Hiro's storage room, Hiro tries to explain that a sidekick must obey his master, and talks of Don Quixote and the great swamp where Curt Connors swims. Ando realizes Curt Connors is the Lizard, a villain in Marvel Comics. He lived in Florida where there are many crocodiles: swamp dragons. Ando realizes that Arkham refers to an insane asylum, and finds an asylum on Arkham Road in Florida. Hiro thanks him for his help and Ando assures him he's at his service. He admits that he is a sidekick, and Hiro says he's the bravest one he knows.

At the park, Samuel explains that Emma's ability allows her to merge her emotions with her music, drawing people to her. He asks her to concentrate on Ian and make her prayers into a song. She plays the cello and the nearby parkgoers listen, entranced. Ian steps out of the woods and approaches, and Samuel assures him that it's all right. As Ian rests his hands against a tree, Emma and Samuel smile as it blossoms in the winter.

Claire is threatened by Doyle.

Back at the hospital, Emma has Ian treated for an infection and Samuel thanks her for his help. He says they could use a doctor and a siren, and gives her a compass so she can find the carnival. Emma says that she'll come. Once she leaves, Ian admits that he thought he was unique, and was scared. Samuel says many of them are like that, but now it's time to go home. As they leave, Samuel sees a newscast announcing the death of Senator Nathan Petrelli in a small-plane crash.

At the carnival, Claire realizes that Eric is weakening or he wouldn't let her speak. She wonders why Eric is sure that Samuel is good, and he insists that he is now. Joseph set him straight and showed him what was good about his ability. Eric explains that Samuel convinced Joseph to let him in, and Claire wonders why Samuel is obsessed with bringing people in. She tells Eric that she doesn't want to destroy his home, and he knows it. He releases his control and tells her to talk to Lydia, saying she knows what happened.

Claire goes to Lydia's trailer and asks her what Samuel is planning. Lydia hesitates and then admits that Joseph was once in charge, and the one who made the carnival a home. When Lydia can't bring herself to say what happened, Claire realizes that Samuel killed Joseph. Lydia says that Samuel has lost his way. Claire admits that she realized that the carnival is special, and the only thing wrong with it is Samuel. Lydia asks her to find someone who will stop Samuel, and Claire promises that she will. As she leaves, Eli and his clones grab her and take her away.

In the morning, Samuel returns and claims that Claire was free to go. He tells Claire it's her choice and she demands to know what happened to Joseph. Samuel asks Eli to leave and then asks if Lydia told. Claire says she didn't, and Samuel says that he lost control when he learned that Joseph told the government about them. He points out that Noah got the compass from Danko, but Claire refuses to let him redirect the conversation. Lying, Samuel claims that Joseph put them in danger and Samuel did what he had to, just like any father. Claire asks him what is going on in the valley and Samuel takes her out to where Ian is standing. Ian says he needs water and Samuel needs his ability to open up a crack and tap into an underground spring. Ian then places his hands on the ground and concentrates. Grass then starts to appear around them in an ever-expanding radius. Samuel and Claire smile as the valley blooms with greenery. Samuel assures Ian that the beautiful manifestation is what Ian is, and then explains that it is their new home. He comments that his brother would have loved it, and never believed that Samuel could make it real. He wants a bigger family to build the future, and says it can be Claire's home as well. Claire says she has a home and wants to go back, and Samuel agrees. He reminds her that she's free, and can always come back whenever she wants. As she walks off, she checks her messages. Noah and Peter have both called, and they both want her to call.

Nathan's Funeral

Peter is at the graveyard with Angela as Nathan is buried. Noah is also there in the crowd. Claire arrives by taxi and Noah says he's glad she safe. She wonders what he thinks she's safe from, and tells him she won't give the compass back. She then goes to the grave to stand near Angela as Peter gives the eulogy. He talks of how Nathan was harder on him than his father would have been, because Nathan wanted him ready for anything. Peter assures his brother that he is ready, and Nathan is buried and the American flag presented to Angela. As the sailors fire a salute, a fighter squadron passes overhead in Nathan's honor and Peter smiles.

Memorable Quotes

"Good Citizen. I am a humble knight from the Starship Enterprise. I seek my first officer, Sancho Panza."

"Miso, soy or salt?"

"I do not require sustenance. I require transport to Sancho Panza. He is my sidekick."

"No sidekick. Noodles."

- Hiro, Ramen vendor

"Freedom is what you do with what's been done to you."

"Sounds deep."

"Sartre. College."

"I always thought freedom was just another word for nothing left to lose."

"That, too."

- Claire, Samuel

"Defeat the Dark Side, we will."

- Hiro (to Kimiko)

"El castillo Arkham está localizado en la atlántida Española donde Curt Connors nada con los dragones del pantano." (The Arkham castle is on the Spanish land where Curt Connors swims with the swamp dragons.)

- Hiro (to Ando)

"My brother Nathan taught me a lot. He taught me... how to ride a skateboard when I was a kid, how to hook a marlin, he taught me how to catch a baseball. Those are all things usually a father'll teach his son. But Dad wasn't around. So it was Nathan. And I wish to hell it would've been my father, because Nathan didn't take it easy. He would throw it high, or he'd throw it wide, and I would yell at him. I'd tell him to throw it right at me, but he'd say to me, "That's not how it's gonna come at you at a game, Pete." I used to think he was just being a big brother and he was picking on me. But now I understand. He just wanted me to be ready... for anything. I'm ready, brother. For whatever comes."

- Peter

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