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Donald's hotel room

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Donald's hotel room
Donald's hotel room.jpg
Location: Memphis, TN
Purpose: Residence

Donald Essex stays temporarily in his hotel room in Memphis, TN.

Notable Residents

Notable Visitors


Graphic Novel:Under the Bridge, Part 2

After being discharged from the local hospital, Donald Essex returns to his hotel room, planning to leave the place as soon as possible. He asks himself what he has gotten into, and ponders his own special ability and recollects what happened the previous day on the prison bus.

Just then, Nathan's bodyguards break into the room, telling Donald to get down on the floor. They say that they found Donald's DNA in the seawater of the bus crash scene, and knows that Donald is an evolved human. Donald, however, attacks the bodyguards, spraying a massive torrent of water at them. An agent sprays a substance in Donald's face, which subdues him and renders him unconscious. As he starts to faint, Donald's body begins dissolving into a watery puddle.

Nathan walks into Donald's hotel room and asks what happened. He asks if Donald is dead. The agent says that it is hard to tell, and Nathan says to wrap it up and head back to New York. When the agent asks what to do with Donald's watery remains, Nathan says that it's the Mississippi River's problem now.

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