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Prison transport bus

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Prison transport bus
Transport bus.jpg

First mentioned: Under the Bridge, Part 1
Current status: Destroyed

Perrin Crocker and Steve Gustavson were being transported to prison on a bus.


Graphic Novel:Under the Bridge, Part 1

Perrin Crocker sits on the bus, wondering what he has done to get him here. A guard on the bus, Donald Essex, also wonders about his life. Next to Perrin, Steve Gustavson tries to shake Perrin's hand. Donald yells out that there will be no touching between prisoners. Steve yells sorry, and proceeds to taunt Perrin verbally, saying that he "stuck [his wife] like a pig". Perrin gets angry and manifests his ability, sending spikes in all directions. Steve is killed, as is the bus driver, Chuck, and the bus crashes, with Donald Essex being the only survivor.

Graphic Novel:Under the Bridge, Part 2

Donald contemplates what he has gotten into, saying to himself that he was just on the wrong bus with the wrong prisoner. He relives the moment when Perrin sent spikes in all directions.

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