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Enhanced teleporting

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Enhanced teleporting
Held by: Teleporter
Ability to: Teleport objects through time and space

Enhanced teleporting is the ability to teleport matter to any point in time and space simply by focusing on whatever needs to be teleported. Users of this ability do not have to be near items to teleport them, but they do need to concentrate on the items and think about where and when they wish them to go. Users of this ability can also use it to teleport themselves and other living things to wherever and whenever they wish. Enhanced teleporting can also be used to teleport only parts of objects or people instead of their complete form, as Teleporter is aware that he can cut off limbs with his ability if he so wishes.



Teleporter is able to teleport himself and objects through space and time. He does not necessarily have to be near the object, and does not have to travel with the object he is teleporting. If he cannot see the place he wishes to teleport to, he must focus on that place (Purpose). Teleporter has yet to encounter any limits with his ability, but is hesitant to travel too far back in time due to the "butterfly effect".


See Also

  • For the similar ability to teleport objects through time and space by manipulating the space-time continuum, see space-time manipulation.
  • For the similar ability to teleport objects and oneself through space, see teleportation.

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