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James Kelly

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James Kelly
First mentioned Purpose
Debut January 25, 2009
In-story stats
Known ability Enhanced teleporting
Alias Teleporter
Age 26
Home Unknown,
formerly Paris, France
formerly Indiana,
formerly Washington, DC
Parent A father
Grandparent A precognitive grandfather
Sibling An older brother

James Kelly is an evolved human with the ability to teleport himself and others through space and time.


When he was a child, James always felt like his father preferred his brother to him. When these feelings were at an all-time high, James's ability manifested and he suddenly found himself in front of his grandfather's house. His grandfather came out to greet him and told James that he had foreseen James's arrival by teleportation. When James's grandfather told James's father that his ability had manifested, James trained to use his power for two years, finally mastering the ability to teleport himself to whatever place he was thinking of. When James turned 18, he discovered that he could teleport objects to different places without teleporting himself. He first used his ability on another person when he teleported a car thief out of a car he stole and onto a nearby pole. By the time James turned 26, he had teleported fifty-five criminals into jails, stopped three robbers before they could take anything and had done battle with another evolved human. A few months after turning 26, James discovered he could use his ability to travel through time when he sent his phone five seconds into the future, and accidentally sent himself ten minutes into the past. James has done nothing notable since, but has considered going back in time to re-experience significant moments in his life.

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In chapter 4 of Purpose, John Mulligan calls Teleporter up for a free ride to the Sullivan Bros. Carnival.

In chapter 6 of Purpose, in an alternate path, John calls on Teleporter again to transport him and a few others to the carnival. Teleporter initially complies, but when he sees Lauren Gilmore and recognizes her as an agent, he flees, leaving them stranded.

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