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Abigail generates a forcefield.
Held by: Abigail
Ability to: Project forcefields
Examples of forcefields

Forcefields is the ability to erect protective forcefields and manipulate them at will.



The user of this power can generate a translucent forcefield out of an unknown energy. The forcefield, an actual solid, can be used as a protective barrier. Abigail used this ability to reflect Elle's electric manipulation, causing it to rebound and hit Lee. Abigail then enlarged the forcefield so that she and Lee were both enclosed inside it, protecting them. The user of this ability can reshape their forcefields to be used offensively, such as when Abigail encased her fist in a forcefield and punched Elle. Abigail also used it to protect herself from an attempted kidnapping by Danko's team. She can make spherical and rectangular forcefields.

It is unknown how much force can be exerted on Abigail's forcefields before they break, but multiple gunshots seems to be able to do it. (Rebellion, Part 4)

Abigail can also use her forcefields to manipulate objects; she untied ropes around Micah's wrists, freeing him after he was kidnapped by Eric Thompson, Jr.. (Rebellion, Part 5)

While not always, her hands glow yellow when she uses her ability. Both times her hands glowed she was blocking one or more doors.

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