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First appearance Sum Quod Sum, Part 1
In-story stats
Known ability Forcefields
Nicknames Abby,
Home London, England
Residence London flat with her fiancé (now destroyed)
Significant other Lee
Parent Unnamed mother

Abigail is a friend of Claude's and the fiancée of Lee. She joined the Rebellion after the government came after her family in London. She is an evolved human with the ability to create forcefields.

Character History

Graphic Novel:Sum Quod Sum, Part 1

Elle follows Lee and Abigail around London to track down Claude.

Graphic Novel:Sum Quod Sum, Part 2

Lee and Abigail help Claude back to his feet. Claude asks them to take Elle back to Abigail and Lee's flat as well. Later, Claude, Lee, and Abigail discuss Elle's presence as she begins to wake up. Claude tells the two agents to leave them.

Some time later, Abigail steps into a hot tub when Elle is relaxing in it, only to be electrocuted by the water. Abigail, enraged, kicks Elle, and activates her ability just as Elle fires a bolt of lightning at her. The attack is reflected off her forcefield and hits Lee instead. She then punches Elle and extends a forcefield over both Lee and herself. Abigail tells Elle to leave their house.

Graphic Novel:Cog

Abigail and Lee's mugshots are on Danko's bulletin board of targets.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 3

While being attacked by agents in London, Abigail was rescued by the team known as Rebel. The team introduces themselves but are all surprised by an invisible Claude who is also there protecting Abigail. As the battle intensifies the building begins to collapse, causing West to have to quickly carry the team out via flight and having them be safely reinforced by Abigail from the debris of the falling building. Later, Abigail is shown to be in Washington D.C. standing as a member of the Rebel team.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 4

West and Abigail walk through Building 26 and the power goes out. Micah informs them that they have 30 seconds and that his family is located in "Human Resources". West flies Abigail to the room, where she creates forcefields to keep the agents out. West frees Nana and Damon as Abigail's power begins to weaken. She tells him that it is time to go and West shoots out a window. The four of them ride away on a trail of dirt made by Sparrow.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 5

Just as Eric Thompson is about to shoot Micah, Abigail arrives at the scene with West and Sparrow, and they proceed to use their abilities to thwart Thompson, Abigail using hers to block Eric's bullets, until he eventually flees after Micah tells him he's on the country's top ten wanted lists. Abigail wonders if Eric will come back at some point, and Micah answers that he should be able to feel what it's like to be a fugitive.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 6

Abigail travels to India along with Micah, West and Sparrow to find Molly. They go to Pittsburgh train station and Molly says that Monica, Lee and Claude are in a train that will take off in six minutes. They all run to the train. After West and Sparrow cleans the way, they go in the train and Abigail find Lee and Claude passed out with drugs. Micah cuts the drugs and she tries to wake up Lee just to be shot with sedatives. She passes out and the train starts running. Molly sees Abigail passed out. After the train stops, Abigail hugs Lee, claiming that she and her friends will get him out of there. After Molly says that West and Sparrow aren't ok, Abigail asks what happened, and Molly clarifies that she didn't mean that, but that she knows where Monica is.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 7

Abigail and Lee stand aside as Micah tries to find out where Monica is from Molly. When government agents start running towards them, Abby, Lee, West, Claude, Micah and Molly stand back as Sparrow creates a powerful earthquake that hurls all of the agents away. Abigail asks what they should do and Sparrow tells her that she has got it, calling her Invisilign. When Claude decides to leave with Molly, he asks if Abigail and Lee will be joining him. Abigail tells him that she will stay and help Micah and Claude notes that she is just like her mother.

When the team arrives in Washington, Abigail holds Lee as he barfs from the high speed travel involved with Sparrow's power. While Sparrow communicates with Micah, Abigail holds off any potential threat by covering herself and the others with a forcefield. An agent arrives and before Abigail can do anything, West incapacitates him. The team find Monica and Abigail protects her from the machine that is operating on her. West knocks out the doctor and Abigail frees Monica. The Rebel team then flee the hospital, their mission having been completed.

Heroes Evolutions

Faction Zero

In chapter 5 of Faction Zero, Abigail and the rest of Rebel arrive in Costa Verde to hunt down Thompson, Jr.. After finding a bloodstained van with a torn up jacket in it, she remarks this is exactly how Thompson, Jr. would have set it up in order to disappear.

Evolved Human Abilities

Abigail is an evolved human with the power to generate forcefields. Abigail has shown she can create forcefields to deflect electricity and bullets. She can use her ability much like a boxing glove, or create forcefields several feet away from her.


  • Abigail's name and likeness were borrowed from Oliver Grigsby's real-life fiancée (who became Oliver's wife in the summer of 2009).

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