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Friedrich Nietzsche

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Friedrich Nietzsche
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Friedrich Nietzsche was a German philosopher.

First reference: Eris Quod Sum
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Friedrich Nietzsche was a German philosopher who is sometimes referenced on Heroes.


Friedrich Nietzsche, born in 1844 was a philosopher who wrote about religion, morality, culture, philosophy, and science. Some of his main assertions include tragedy as validation of life, an eternal return, and a rejection of Christianity, democracy, and socialism. Between 1883 and 1885, Nietzsche wrote Thus Spoke Zarathustra, which in part deals with the idea of the "prophecy" of the Übermensch. Thus Spoke Zarathustra contends that "man is something which ought to be overcome", and posits that the Übermensch is the goal that humanity should set for itself. The Übermensch is sometimes translated as "overman", "superman", or "superhuman".

Nietzsche suffered a mental breakdown in 1890 and died in 1900.


Eris Quod Sum

When Peter wakes up at Pinehearst Headquarters, Arthur sits nearby, holding a copy of Nietzsche's Thus Spoke Zarathustra.

Heroes Evolutions

In chapter 6 of Slow Burn, Josh asks Draph what he's been up to, and if he's still trying to save the world. Draph says that he is working on his dissertation about Nietzsche's Overman theory. Even though Draph says that Josh would like it, Josh says he doesn't want to be a lab rat.

The "clever" choice for the January 12, 2010, Heroes: Survival event message says, "Remember the teachings of Nietzsche: He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster."


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