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Paris hotel victim

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Paris hotel victim
Fusor's last victim.jpg
First appearance Golden Handshake, Part 2
In-story stats
Known ability None
Formal name Unknown
Date of death 1990
Home France

Rollo Fusor's accomplice kills a Frenchman in a Paris hotel before Fusor himself is killed.

Character History

Graphic Novel:Golden Handshake, Part 2

Claude and Haram go to Paris, France to capture Rollo Fusor and his accomplice. The two rogues are discovered in a Paris hotel, having lured a Frenchman there. When Claude and Haram storm the hotel room, they find Fusor and the Frenchman dead from dehydration, and the lady accomplice is missing.


  • Claude gives him the nickname Frenchie. (Golden Handshake, Part 2)
  • Claude believes that Fusor and his accomplice lure "lonely, wealthy men with promises of ménage à trois". This is most likely the case with their latest victim.

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