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First appearance Golden Handshake, Part 1
In-story stats
Known ability None
Occupations Former soldier,
Agent for the Company

Haram is the first partner of Claude Rains.

Character History

Graphic Novel:Golden Handshake, Part 1

In 1990, the Company sends Haram and Claude to the French Riviera in search of Rollo Fusor, who seems to be holding two hostages on a yacht in a Côte d'Azur harbor. Haram clutches his heart, trying to open a bottle of pills. Claude convinces an enraged Haram to accept the terms of the hostage release. When Rollo releases the two onto the docks, it becomes evident that one hostage, Monsieur Pizet is dead, and his body is handcuffed to Haram and pushed into the sea by Rollo's female accomplice.

Graphic Novel:Golden Handshake, Part 2

With Claude's help, Haram staggeringly washes ashore in a Côte d'Azur harbor with only Pizet's dehydrated arm still handcuffed to him. The Company tracks Rollo Fusor to Paris, France, and Claude and Haram go there to capture Fusor and his accomplice. Haram is determined to rid himself of the sleepless nights and recurring nightmares he has about Fusor, his first failed case.

Using binoculars, they spot Rollo Fusor, his accomplice, and what they think may be their next victim. They storm the hotel room where the subjects are located, and Haram shoots Fusor, only to discover that his body is already dead and dehydrated. Haram shouts to proceed to the roof.

Graphic Novel:Golden Handshake, Part 3

Haram leads Claude to the roof to pursue the lady accomplice. After Haram shoots with his gun and misses her, they track her from roof to roof, down a ladder and into a Paris park. On the way to the park, Haram takes some more of his pills. They appear to lose her in the park and can only find a couple kissing under the moonlight. Then, just when they think they've lost her for good, Haram finds her fresh tracks in the grass. However, she responds by tipping over a tree that knocks Haram over and pins Claude to the ground. Haram is quickly grabbed by the throat by her before he can get up to free his partner.

Graphic Novel:Golden Handshake, Part 4

Still at the Paris park, Haram is released from Rollo Fusor's accomplice's grasp, grabs her by the arms, and forces her to self-dehydrate into a pile of dust. Having finished their mission, Haram agrees to continue as Claude's partner for another six months, but complains about always being the one to talk to the police. Later, a Primatech secretary tells Claude that Haram has already retired.


  • The pills that Haram takes have not been identified. In an interview, Steven T. Seagle noted, "That was just part of showing how utterly hopeless his future as an operative was. Not only did an old case come back to haunt him, but his nerves were so shot that he needed pills to stabilize his hands so he could shoot."
  • Rollo Fusor calls Haram "Arab".
  • Haram's "first failed case" was Rollo Fusor's case, 11 years ago, in 1979 (Golden Handshake, Part 2). It is assumed Haram has worked for the Company since at least that time.
  • Haram fought in the Gulf (Golden Handshake, Part 2). It is unknown for whom Haram fought.
  • A Primatech secretary tells Claude that Haram can't be reached because he is now retired (Golden Handshake, Part 4). It is unknown whether that means he is actually retired or whether the phrase is a euphemism for death.
  • In Claude Rains' Company Assignment Tracker profile, Haram's name is misspelled as "Haran" several times.
  • Haram means "forbidden" or "sin" in Arabic.


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