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Dehydrated Haram.jpg
Haram begins to be dehydrated.
Held by: Rollo Fusor's accomplice (deceased)
Ability to: Rapidly remove water

Dehydration is the ability to remove the water contained in objects or people by force of will.



According to Haram's journal, the possessor of this ability can dehydrate anything touched, including people (Golden Handshake, Part 1). However, Claude receives information from the Company--based on the French Riviera evidence--that the power may only affect organic matter (Golden Handshake, Part 2). Other limits--such as how long it takes and the number of people or objects she can affect at once--are currently unknown. It is not yet clear whether this power is fully under the possessor's control or it affects everything she touches. Fusor's accomplice pushed Haram into the Mediterranean with no dehydrating results, but she may have only had contact with his clothing. Apparently she is not immune to this power herself as Haram is able to use it to kill her by putting her hands on her own face.



  • Believing Rollo Fusor had this ability, Haram said he could "suck the life out of his victims."
  • After examining the body of Monsieur Pizet, the Company concluded that this power would only work on organic materials.
  • Rollo Fusor's accomplice causes a tree to fall in a Paris park. Though it is unknown exactly how she did this, it is suspected she dehydrated the tree first. (Golden Handshake, Part 3)
  • The notes kept by the Company call the woman a "water vampire". (Golden Handshake, Parts 3 and 4).
  • In an interview, Duncan Rouleau and Steven T. Seagle explained how Fusor's accomplice was able to be killed by her own hand under certain circumstances: "She can touch herself, it's just that once she starts the siphon, it goes--So Haram turning her hand against her at that moment was key. She couldn't think fast enough to stop it."

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