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Health optimizing

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Health optimizing
Held by: Marc
Ability to: Sense and assess a person's health and then heal any problems

Health optimizing is the ability to sense and assess a person's health and then heal any problems the user finds.



Marc can sense and assess a person's health (physical, mental, emotional, etc.) and then send a "pulse" which induces the optimal qualities to help restore a person to a healthier state. Marc has shown that he is able to give confidence boosts to other people as well as cause others to become more "weak willed", becoming more complient and less reserved. (The Civilian)


  • Marc caused Tim to become confident and ask Rachel out on a date.
  • Marc caused Rachel to feel inferior and therefore more "attracted" to Tim, making her accept his date offer. (The Civilian Part 3)

Memorable Quotes

"I can heal people. Physical, emotional, psychological."

- Marc to Rachel

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