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First appearance The Civilian
Debut July 29, 2009
In-story stats
Known ability Health optimizing
Formal name Marcus Stark
Nickname Marc
Age 23
Sibling Seal (brother)
Other relatives Amber (cousin)

Marc is an evolved human with the ability to optimize the health of others.

Character History

Marc got his name more as an afterthought. It wasn't well thought-out like his older brother's (by three minutes). When people heard his brother's name, they would sometimes think of a cross between two comic superheroes, referring to him as the "Iron Man of Steel". For a while, the kids called the pair, "The 2Arx", since the name he preferred, Marc, rhymed with his brother's. Yet even though they were both well-rounded, great guys, their paths in life differed, and they became distinct individuals, even though they shared identical genes. It was like the difference between the guy who played "Jimmy Olsen" on Smallville, and the one who portrayed "Bobby Drake" in the X-Men movies. Eventually, "2Arx" only referred to his brother.

In middle school, in an attempt to "compete" with his brother, he thought it would help to be the one who everyone liked. Once, on the bus ride home from a trip to the observatory, he realized he could sense another's pain (and she happened to be kinda cute). He "saw" that she just wanted to be accepted, and he found that, just by wanting her to feel better and talking with her, he was able to boost her self-confidence. Her friendship gave him a new purpose in finding those who had need of help. He later found out that he could almost involuntarily help people out virtually as quickly as he thought about wanting to help them. With his ability, he was able to sense that his brother was a generally healthy guy, with the tendency to quickly recover from ailments, so sometimes, when he chooses to help a person physically, he'd take on the person's pain, and also transfer some of that burden to his brother, because he can handle it. His brother, who now is known by the name "Seal" (although he's still known as "Clark" to his brother), might be more popular, but Marc has an ability which also makes him feel good when he uses it to help others, so he no longer feels "inferior" to him.

Heroes Evolutions

The Civilian

In chapter 3 of The Civilian, Marc is startled by Rachel, who returns home from her morning walk and finds him sleeping in her living room. She teleports and pins Marc to the floor, demanding to know who he is. Marc reveals that he was invited by Leona and tells her that he has a power. Rachel tells him to leave but when she returns, she notices that her shy neighbor Tim is acting strange. Rachel guesses the truth and goes to Marc, who reveals that he used his ability to improve Tim's confidence.

Later, while in the diner with Leona, Marc uses his power to once again improve Tim's confidence. But this time, he also makes Rachel feel weak and insecure. After she speaks with Tim, Rachel sits with Marc and Leona. Marc apologizes for manipulating Rachel but she tells him it is okay. She then agrees to help find his cousin, Amber.

Evolved Human Abilities

Marc is an evolved human with the ability to sense and assess a person's health and then heal any problems the user finds.


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