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On Heroes Wiki, consensus checks are sometimes required, where sufficient information is not available, to make a valid and/or canon decision. If a consensus is reached, the article will then be renamed or altered as required.


Consensus checks should only be set up and used in situations where the information available is not enough to make a decision. The consensus check should run for a minimum of 24 hours before a decision is made. There should be some discussion about the topic on the topic's talk page before a consensus check is created.

When users participate, they will be required to leave their signature under the item/items that they are opposed to, with a basic explanation as to why the item is unsuitable. This method allows us to systematically remove all opposed items which will then help us to reach a consensus.

The consensus check will end once a consensus has been reached or if a consensus cannot be reached. If a consensus is reached, the article will then be moved or altered as required. If a consensus is not reached then nothing should be done to the article and it should be left as it is until more information becomes available. The only exception to this is a consensus check used to determine the name of an ability. If no consensus can be reached (that is, there is at least one valid opposition to all suggested names for the ability), then the ability should be named after its possessor.


An item should not be opposed based on another item being better. An item's opposition should be based on validity and not on personal preference.

Once there is legitimate opposition to an item, it can be crossed off and excluded from the check.

During a consensus check for an ability name, because the ability must be named after its possessor in case no consensus can be reached, the default "Possessor's ability" cannot be opposed.


When a consensus check is created it should follow a specific format. This enables us to create consistent standards throughout the Wiki. The consensus check itself should be held on the item's talk page and only if it is needed.

==Consensus Check:ITEM NAME, DD/MMMM/YYYY==
'''Item 1'''
<-- User signatures and reasons against the item go here --> 

'''Item 2'''
<-- User signatures and reasons against the item go here --> 

'''Item 3'''
<-- User signatures and reasons against the item go here --> 

<-- New item names go here as well as user signatures and reasons against the item go here --> 

<-- All text and notes go here -->