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Because the Heroes story includes individuals from all over the world, some articles use international characters to display text in foreign languages which may not display on all user's systems.

Unsupported Characters

If your operating system does not currently support a particular international character set, you may see empty boxes, question marks, or other symbols in place of the necessary characters, or the characters may be malformed, misaligned, or missing necessary diacritical marks or vowel notations.

Even if proper support is enabled in your operating system, it's possible that your system does not have an appropriate Unicode font installed in which to render foreign text.

Asian Language Support

Because their traditional writing methods are pictographic rather than alphabetic, Asian languages, including Japanese, Chinese, and Korean, use extended character sets well beyond the number of characters supported in standard ASCII text. Therefore, you may need to install support for these extended character sets before your computer will properly render Asian characters.

For help on activating Asian text support, or to determine whether your computer is properly rendering Asian text, see multilingual support for East Asian text on Wikipedia.

Indic Language Support

Unlike the characters used to render Asian text, Indic scripts like Devanagari and Tamil use a relatively small set of characters to represent words alphabetically, like English. However, Indic scripts use notations on the consonants instead of separate characters to denote vowels, and different characters elide into different ligatures with one another. To properly render Indic text, your computer will need "complex text support" enabled, which will allow you to view Indic text with the characters properly rendered.

For help on activating Indic text support, or to determine whether your computer is properly rendering Indic text, see multilingual support for Indic text on Wikipedia.