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New York City hospital (Blackout)

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New York City hospital (Blackout)
New York City Hospital (Blackout).jpg
Location: New York, NY
Purpose: Caring for the sick and wounded

Mohinder Suresh visits a New York City hospital to get research funding.

Notable Employees

Notable Patients

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Graphic Novel:Blackout, Part 1

Mohinder Suresh visits a New York City hospital and speaks with its director, who refuses him a donation for his research and notes that the hospital is plagued by blackouts. While there, he meets a dying patient with a special ability whom he tries to cure with his blood like he did for Molly. Mohinder thinks he failed until another blackout occurs and electricity arcs from the patient's mouth and arms.

Graphic Novel:Blackout, Part 2

Mohinder realizes that the teenage patient who can't control his electrical output is causing the hospital's blackouts. A Primatech agent attempts to kidnap the evolved human, but Mohinder helps the boy escape the facility.


  • According to Jason Badower, the New York hospital Mohinder visits is modeled after the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne, Australia. In fact, Jason took a picture of the hospital, and then manipulated it so it would look less like a photograph and would fit his style of art.
  • It appears the teenage patient's room is on the second floor of the hospital.


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