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Jason Badower

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Jason Badower
Jason Badower.JPG
Title Graphic novel artist
Graphic novel colorist
Date of birth 10 July 1975
Origin Melbourne, Australia
Gender Male
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Jason Badower is a comic artist from Melbourne, Australia who has illustrated and colored several Heroes graphic novels.


Jason is the illustrator of Top Cow's Zero G, as well as Emperor, Fisher: Cathexes, Issue #3, and the photo-realistic Phase. He also created the cover for the first issue (The Beginning) of David Wohl's The Innocents series. In 2009, Jason's art was featured extensively on the crime mystery television show Castle (starring Stana Katic). Jason's art is frequently colored by Annette Kwok. Error: String exceeds 50,000 character limit.


  • According to his blog, Jason was hired by NBC on a Saturday afternoon, and created Road Kill by the following Friday.
  • Jason originally was told that the War Buddies series was going to be illustrated by one artist. When he happened to email Frank Mastromauro of Aspen Comics, he was informed that the original artist had backed out. Jason was offered the job immediately.


  • According to his blogger profile, Jason is also a personal trainer and martial artist, and owns two personal training studios in Australia.
  • In 2004, Jason was nominated for four Ledger Awards for Killeroo Book 2.
  • Jason says he draws digitally with a Wacom tablet.
  • In an interview, Jason Badower lists Jim Lee, Frank Miller, Adam Hughes (especially his linework), and Brian Bolland among his influences.
  • Jason is the first Heroes graphic novel artist to also color a graphic novel.


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