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Teenage patient

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Teenage patient
Dying patient.JPG
First appearance Blackout, Part 1
In-story stats
Known ability Electrical absorption
Formal name Unknown
Age Teenager

A teenage patient at a New York City hospital is capable of absorbing electricity.

Character History

Graphic Novel:Blackout, Part 1

At an unnamed New York City hospital, Mohinder meets a dying man who shows symptoms of the same blood disorder that Shanti and Molly shared. Mohinder tells the man that he can cure him by giving him a blood transfusion. Following the transfusion, it appears to Mohinder that it was unsuccessful, and while he is wondering why it worked for Molly but not this individual, the patient suddenly erupts with electricity.

Graphic Novel:Blackout, Part 2

After witnessing one of the patients seizures, Mohinder realizes that he does not have Shanti's illness; his own uncontrolled power is damaging his health each time it manifests. A Company agent arrives in the patient's hospital room to take him into custody, but another of the patient's seizures incapacitates the agent with electrical arcs. Mohinder gets the patient out of the hospital and attempts to drive him out of town, but another seizure disables the car. The patient explains that he had been at peace with dying because of the guilt he felt over the deaths caused by his seizures. Mohinder directs him to a secluded lakeside cabin where he can live in peace and learn to control his power.

Evolved Human Abilities

This person has the ability to create electrical arcs. Mohinder witnessed him emit electricity from his fingertips and face. He apparently has no control over his power; he simply absorbs energy from nearby electrical systems until he reaches a critical point at which the energy escapes as an electromagnetic pulse combined with electrical arcs to nearby objects. These energy releases are not healthy for him; he was hospitalized and near death from their effects when Mohinder found him. He can avoid absorbing energy and suffering from uncontrolled energy releases by staying away from electrical equipment and power lines.


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