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Interview talk:Simon Rhee

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Heroes Wiki has got a interview with Simon Rhee, who does stunts for Heroes. This interview is being done by skywalkerrbf. Please submit your questions by the 15th of August.

  • Questions sent

  • Which of the stunts which we see on Heroes have you had a role in creating?
  • If you could have any power, then what would it be?
  • Did you enjoy working on Heroes? Was it different from any other jobs you have had?
  • Do you have any stories from your work on Heroes?
  • Where you a fan of Heroes before you took the part?
  • If so do you have a favourite character or episode?
  • You have also done acting in lost, what was it like to work with Daniel Dae Kim?
  • How long do you practice your Tae Kwon Do and Hap Ki Do every day?