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My Birthday

My Birthday is Septmber 22. This Date is when Heroes Season 3 is starting, is the date the LOST Pilot went out and is the date on the plane crash on lost. :)

About Me

I use to be on the account rbfskywalker until it locked me out for a unknown reason, but I am happy with my new name :). I really enjoy going interviews and if you want to do any, just give me a message and I will help you in any way I can. So far over 50 people have agreed to do interviews. I have been on this site from October 2007.

Interviews to post

Here are all the interviews i have to post but I have not got round to yet.

Angela petrelli.jpg This user is a fan of Angela .
Thehaitian.jpg This user is a fan of The Haitian.

My Sandbox


Hironakamura.jpg This user is a fan of Hiro.
MisterBennet.jpg This user is a fan of Noah.

My working progress to upgrade the List of articles related to the Company page:

User:Skywalkerrbf/Company portal

AdamMonroe.jpg This user is a fan of Adam.
MattParkman.JPG This user is a fan of Matt.

My working progress to get Level 5 its own page:

User:Skywalkerrbf/Level 5

Elle.jpg This user is a fan of Elle.
Bob.jpg This user is a fan of Bob.

My Idea for a Idea's page.
User:Skywalkerrbf/Heroes Wiki:Ideas‎

My Interviews

Here are the inverview I have done/are doing. Italic names denotes that the interview is not yet published. Bold and italic names denotes a interview that is not yet conducted and welcomes users-submitted-questions.




Graphic Novels

Webisodes Collection I have had interviews with almost all of the people involed in the webisodes.

Other I have had interviews which don't fit into thouse groups

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