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Lentil soup

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Lentil soup
Angela makes Arthur his last supper.

First mentioned: Villains
Owned by: Angela Petrelli
Current status: Eaten by Arthur Petrelli

Angela makes lentil soup for Arthur, laced with poison.



After Linderman heals the effects of Arthur Petrelli's telepathic abuse, Angela becomes aware of what her husband has been doing to her and what he is going to do to their son. Angela prepares a soup to kill Arthur. That evening, they sit down to eat it, and Arthur experiences some "indigestion". Arthur finds he can't use his powers, and he eventually succumbs to the poison and collapses. Later at the hospital, Dr. Livitz informs Arthur that the poison has paralyzed him. Arthur is later able to reverse the damage done by stealing Adam Monroe's regeneration powers and using them to heal the damage.

Memorable Quotes

"I lied. It's not your mother's recipe."

- Angela (to Arthur)


  • In the commentary for Villains, executive producer/director Allan Arkush said that the lentil soup recipe used is one his wife makes, and that it is a classic Marcel Houison lentil soup recipe. Allan added that for the set, he brought in a food expert to make it, and brought in his Italian Cooking cookbook that he uses for it to be prepared as per the recipe in that book.

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