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First mentioned: Orientation
Owned by: Ando Masahashi
Current status: Spilled

At a carnival in 1993, Ando spills a Slushy.



Looking at a photograph, Ando is reminded of the "Slushy incident" in which he spilled a Slushy on Kimiko, which caused her to not like Ando very much.

Jump, Push, Fall

Hiro time travels back fourteen years to a carnival. He remembers when he ran excitedly and bumped into Ando, causing him to spill his Slushy on Kimiko, which made her never like Ando very much. Samuel encourages Hiro to right the wrongs of his past and tells Hiro that he has a chance to make Kimiko and Ando very happy. Samuel pushes Hiro in the path of the Slushy, causing the frozen drink to spill on Hiro instead of Kimiko. Hiro then time travels back to Yamagato Industries with the drink spilled all over his right shoulder. Doing so changed Kimiko's feelings for Ando: she is now in love with him and has been ever since that night at the carnival.

Graphic Novel:Stolen Fate

After stealing a crystal ball from a fortune teller, Edgar zooms through the carnival. Along the way, he passes Kimiko covered with Slushy and taking a swing at Ando.

Tabula Rasa

The Slushy kiosk can be seen at the carnival.


The Slushy stand can be seen as Hiro talks with Samuel outside Samuel's trailer.

Later, the Slushy drink appears in Hiro's memories as they are manipulated by Damian.


In Hiro's hallucination, Adam Monroe asks the younger versions of Ando and Kimiko what happened to the slushy at the carnival. Ando says that it slipped out of his hands, and Kimiko says that it hit a strange man. At Adam's request, Ando identifies that man as the adult Hiro.


Tommy Clark drinks a Slushy.


  • Slushy's slogan is "enjoy our fun flavors".

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  • For another type of flavored frozen drink featured on Heroes, see Slusho!

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