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Light absorption

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Light absorption
Light absorption.jpg
Held by: Abe
Ability to: Absorb light

Light absorption is the ability to absorb light.


  • Abe is the only character known to have this ability. (The Agent)


Abe's ability can make an area pitch black. Abe waves his hand when activating his ability and, suddenly, the entire room he is in becomes pitch black, like in a cave, such that no one can see. The ability seems to have an adverse effect on Abe, because he has what sounds like a smoker's wheezing voice and he glows slightly when not using his ability. Also, Abe is blind due to having cataracts in both eyes that also make his eyes opaque. Abe comments that he can see when he "takes the light", but that using his ability poisons him. However, he glows a shade brighter after he uses his ability; and Rachel and Anna suspect his ability might be causing him to become radioactive, endangering both him and the people around him. (chapter 7 of The Agent) It is unknown as to whether Abe's ability absorbs only visible light or all forms of light.


  • Rachel and Anna meet Abe together, and he uses his ability temporarily, activating it by reaching his hand out towards them such that everything becomes black. After the light comes back, Abe is glowing a shade brighter and Rachel notes the glow is coming directly from his skin. He comments to Rachel that she is very pretty and tells Anna that she is too blonde. (chapter 7 of The Agent)
  • In an alternate storyline, Rachel meets Abe after Anna has already spoken with him. Abe then waves one of his hands and everything becomes pitch black, like in a cave. After the light comes back, Rachel notes to herself that it appears as though Abe could see her for a moment. (chapter 7 of The Agent)
  • In order to save Barbara, Abe makes the warehouse pitch black and returns the light when the pair of them are safe. (Chapter 12 of The Agent)

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