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First appearance The Agent
Debut 24 March 2009
In-story stats
Known ability Light absorption
Home New York, NY
Residence Abandoned office building

Abe is one of the fugitives that has taken residence in an abandoned office building in New York City.

Character History

Heroes Evolutions

The Agent

In chapter 7 of The Agent, Rachel Mills and Anna Korolenko find Abe sitting among a patch of trees in buckets and makeshift planters that are patched tightly around him. When one of his followers introduces him as their leader, Rachel sees that his skin is glowing and has cataracts that have turned his eyes opaque. Then, in what sounds to Rachel like a smoker's wheezing voice, Abe tells them his name.

Next, Abe reaches out a hand toward Anna and Rachel, and everything suddenly becomes black before they can react. A moment later, the light comes back on and Abe appears to glow a shade brighter. Abe tells Rachel that she is very pretty, then waves his at Anna and tells her she is too blonde.

After Anna explains that REBEL sent them, Abe says that they have been waiting for a long time, and he points to a wall, where a crude symbol of a hammer surrounded by four stars has been scratched. He also explains that he can see for a moment when he takes the light, but that it poisons him and it is getting worse. Rachel and Anna then warn them of the government being outside, and Abe asks Rachel what they should do. Later, when Rachel suggests they use a fire escape to leave the building that has been armed with explosives, Abe laughs ghastly.

In chapter 8 of The Agent, the scene where Rachel tells the fugitives to use the fire escape is repeated, and Abe laughs ghastly again. Later, he flees with the other fugitives down the fire escape as planned, and then heads with them towards a truck while ducking gunfire from Building 26 agents.

In chapter 12 of The Agent, Abe steps out during a standoff between Rachel and Janey. Rachel tells Abe to get away but Janey tells him to stay. After an attack made by Barbara, Abe puts out the light in order to protect her. When the light returns, both he and Barbara have retreated to a safe area.

Evolved Human Abilities

Abe has the ability to make an area pitch black, like in a cave, such that no one can see. However, his ability is suspected of making him radioactive as he glows brighter after each time he uses it. Also, Abe can see only by use of his ability.


  • Abe's exact age is unknown. However, in alternative storylines of chapter 7 of The Agent, Rachel thinks to herself that Abe looks like he is in his seventies.

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