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Madeline Gibson

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Madeline Gibson
Dr. Madeline Gibson.jpg
Portrayed by Christine Adams
First appearance Hysterical Blindness
In-story stats
Known ability None
Home Baltimore, MD
formerly London, England
Occupation Police psychologist

Madeline Gibson is the doctor who sympathizes with Sylar after his amnesia.

Character History

Hysterical Blindness

In Baltimore Dr. Madeline Gibson arrives to meet with Captain Lubbock, who is watching Sylar inside of an interrogation room. She explains she interned with her predecessor but Lubbock notes she doesn't have any real-life experience. They watch as Sylar paces his cell and Lubbock explains that Sylar has no memory of what happened to him. He advises Madeline to simply write off Sylar as insane but the doctor says she'll need to talk to Sylar.

Madeline goes into the room with Lubbock and introduces herself, saying she's there to help him. Madeline asks what Sylar's name is but he simply cowers in terror and mutters incoherent words. Madeline wonders if it's aphasia and tries to get through to him. Sylar talks of being lost in the forest as his head is filled with vague memories of being shot. Madeline asks Lubbock to unlock Sylar's handcuffs. When he refuses, she asks for the keys and does it herself as Lubbock leaves the room. She assures Sylar that she's going to help him regain his memories.

Sylar drinks tea and says that he's never drank it before. He explains that he's feeling everything for the first time, including temperatures. Sylar describes how there are thoughts in his head but he can't put them together, and it's both scary and beautiful. Madeline describes it as jamais vu, the opposite of déjà vu, and says that it's common in cases of traumatic amnesia. She believes that the "real" Sylar is still there and begins a memory exercise. Madeline tells him to close his eyes and describe the first thing he sees. Sylar hears a ticking noise from the wall clock and her watch and says that they have different timing. Madeline realizes that he heard the timing and thinks it's a key to his past. Lubbock calls her out and starts to tell her they have a fingerprint match on Sylar. Later, when Lubbock comes at him and threatens violence, Sylar raises his hands in a defensive move and sends him telekinetically flying through the two-way mirror, and then stares at his hands in shock.

Outside, Madeline gets into her car and reads the file on Sylar. The lights in the parking garage go out and Sylar taps on her window, reminding her that she promised to help. Madeline drives Sylar away from the station and he insists that his name isn't Gabriel. He says that "Gabriel" doesn't feel like him and he's no killer. He thinks Madeline thinks the same and she stops the car. She tells him to take the car and go where he needs to, and suggests that he turn himself in. Sylar drops his stolen gun but before he can leave, Lubbock arrives with his men. Madeline tells Sylar to surrender and he starts to raise his hands. However, his hands start to spark electricity and Lubbock shoots him repeatedly. Sylar falls down a slope and Madeline goes down after him. They both look on as his bullet wounds heal themselves. Lubbock and his men come down the slope and Madeline tells Sylar to run. He quickly goes off into the woods before the police arrive.

Memorable Quotes

"Would you do me a favor and unlock these cuffs?"

"No. I don't make a habit of locking myself in with unrestrained lunatics."

"Then can you leave me your keys on the way out?"

- Madeline Gibson, Captain Lubbock (Hysterical Blindness)

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