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Moscow metro station

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Moscow metro station
Location: Moscow, Russia
Purpose: Transport

Noah, Claude and Ivan chase The Russian through a Moscow metro station.

Notable Visitors


Graphic Novel:Comrades, Part 1

In December 1998, Noah Bennet, Claude, and Ivan Spektor pursue the Russian through the metro station, but when Claude suddenly appears in front of the Russian, he uses his age shifting ability to alter his appearance. They all follow him onto a subway train, and Noah realizes that all the members of the Russian's "family" are in fact the same man, shifting his age from young to old. Noah wonders how dangerous the Russian really is, and although Ivan points out that anyone with an ability can be a threat, Noah knows that they still possess humanity. When they finally catch up with the Russian, he age-shifts into a child. Claude says that Noah cannot shoot a young boy, but Ivan reminds him that his age is an illusion. Noah pulls his gun and wonders whether he can bring himself to shoot.

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