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Ivan Spektor

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Ivan Spektor
Portrayed by Elya Baskin
First appearance The Line
In-story stats
Known ability None
Date of death March 2007
Home Odessa, Ukraine
Residences Single family home in Odessa, Ukraine
Occupations Company agent,
Regional sales manager of a textile factory (cover)
Significant other Katarina
Children Andrei, Mikhail, unnamed daughter (deceased)
Grandchild Kolya
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Ivan Spektor (Ukrainian: Іван Спектор) was an agent of the Company who was responsible for training many of its best agents, namely Noah Bennet and Claude Rains.

Character History

The Line

Ivan wishes his wife and grandson goodbye, and is greeted by the Haitian and Noah, who knocks Ivan out. After handcuffing Ivan to a chair, Noah explains that he wants to know the location of the missing paintings by Isaac Mendez. When Ivan refuses, Noah threatens to have the Haitian strip him of the memories of his wife and children, including a deceased daughter Noah realized he had when he noticed her in a photo. Ivan, in desperation, tells Noah that the paintings are in a warehouse near the train yard where they tagged the liquid man. Ivan attempts to recruit Noah back into the Company, telling him he and his family wouldn't have to live in hiding anymore, but Noah is uninterested. He expects Noah will have the Haitian forget he was ever there. Noah, however, points out that the Company would discover the gap in Ivan's memories, which would lead back to the Haitian and, in turn to Noah. Instead, Noah tears apart the house to make it look like a home invasion, then shoots and kills Ivan.

Graphic Novel:Team Building Exercise

In 1989, Ivan and his partner Maarten are assigned to show new company hire, Noah Bennet, the process of bagging and tagging. During this operation in a train yard in Odessa, Ukraine, they meet a person Ivan later refers to as the liquid man.

Out of Time

Bob hands Mohinder a folder of Ivan, whom he says was their "man in the Ukraine", which contains a portrait of Ivan and the crime scene. He tells Mohinder that Noah killed him the previous night.

Graphic Novel:The Kill Squad, Part 1

Members of a Company support team discuss their pasts during a mission with Thompson, Jr. and Donna Dunlap. One of the agents, Tom Drake, remarks that, back in the day, before Bennet went "soft", he worked under Spektor. He adds that Spektor was "the real thing", suggesting that Ivan was a good leader.

Graphic Novel:Comrades, Part 1

In December 1998, Noah Bennet and Claude go to Moscow, and meet with Ivan, who has now retired from the Company. Ivan offers them his help in tracking down an evolved human known as the Russian. Ivan suspects that the Russian is an age-shifter, and they pursue him through a subway station and on to a subway train. Despite Noah's doubts, Ivan believes the Russian's ability makes him dangerous and claims to have seen him kill with a knife. When the Russian age-shifts to become a young boy, Ivan reminds Noah that his age is an illusion and that the Russian is trying to get inside his head.

Graphic Novel:Comrades, Part 2

As Ivan, Claude, and Noah leave the Moscow subway, Ivan expresses his disappointment that Noah's kindness and hesitation allowed the Russian to escape. They head for a large marketplace on a hunch of Noah's. Ivan spots the Russian, still in his child form, and calls out, in a successful attempt to make the Russian age-shift again into an adult body, which will be a much easier target for Noah. The Russian pulls a knife on Ivan but Noah shoots him dead. Noah secretly blames Ivan for manipulating him and forcing him to kill, and realizes that these events led to his future killing of Ivan.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 5

Thompson tells Noah that he will continue to be a note passer until Ivan says Noah is ready for more.

Heroes Evolutions

According to Julien Dumont's assignment tracker profile at, Agent Spektor apprehended Julien in Bruges, Belgium.


  • Ivan has been with his wife for 35 years.
  • Ivan met his wife on a boat ride on the Danube River. They married in Capri.


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