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Dave Woolsly

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Dave Woolsly
Mr. Woolsley.jpg
First appearance The Swimmer
In-story stats
Known ability None
Significant other Mrs. Woolsly
Children Alex Woolsly,
unnamed daughter

Dave Woolsly is Alex Woolsly's father, and very proud of his successful son.

Character History

Graphic Novel:The Swimmer

Alex Woolsly is attending a swimming competition. As he wins, his parents jump up and cheer. While Alex's sister is not interested at all, his father proudly says that he "didn't even come up for a breath."

Heroes Evolutions

The Agent

In chapter 3 of The Agent, Dave surprises Rachel Mills with a gun to her back in the alley behind Alex's apartment building. He tells Rachel he will kill her unless she hangs up the pay phone. When she does so, Dave allows Rachel to turn around and explains that he is Alex's father and he heard about the confrontation at Sam's Comics. He also notes that he checked with the city regarding the cop asking about parking tickets, and the city claims to know nothing about it. Dave then asks Rachel whom her people are. Rachel replies that she isn't at liberty to say, knocks Dave aside, and begins running away. But before Rachel gets more than five feet away, Dave pulls out a 12-gauge shotgun from under his coat, clocks it, and tells Rachel to stop. Dave then points the gun at Rachel's face as she turns again to face him, and he hears someone behind him yell for Rachel to look out. Then, all the lights on the block simultaneously turn off, and he stands motionless in the dark as his eyes adjust. When Rachel or someone moves, Dave fires his shotgun at Rachel. The person behind Dave then screams at him, getting him to drop and kick away the shotgun, and lay down with his face to the ground.

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