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Sam's Comics

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Sam's Comics
Location: Tokyo, Japan,
Lawrence, Kansas,
Costa Verde, California
Purpose: Selling comics books

Sam's Comics is a comic book store franchise, with locations in Tokyo, Japan; Lawrence, Kansas; and Costa Verde, California.

Notable Employees

Notable Visitors


It's Coming

Ando urges Hiro to teleport them somewhere that will help restore Hiro's memory. Hiro, however, chooses to teleport to Sam's Comics, for his own amusement. He shouts "Yatta!" in the middle of the store, drawing glances from all the customers. Hiro grabs a bunch of comic books, then finds a 9th Wonders! comic that has an image of him on the cover eating waffles. Ando tells Hiro that the comic is prophetic, but Hiro doesn't believe him. Ando then shows him several panels from the comic; one shows Arthur Petrelli grabbing Hiro's head, and another shows a scene of Ando and Hiro discussing the comic book's legitimacy just moments before. Hiro finally believes him, and they turn to the next page in the comic book, which depicts an image of an eclipse, along with the words "It's coming."

The Eclipse, Part 1

Hiro and Ando travel to the Sam's Comics in Lawrence, KS, in order to get the next issue of 9th Wonders! after their previous one has ended. Various comics are sold here including all of the 9th Wonders! When they arrive, Sam and Frack, having just got the new issue, are shocked as the cover is a picture of them looking at the new 9th Wonders! with Hiro and Ando in the background.

The Eclipse, Part 2

At Sam's Comics, Ando Masahashi and Hiro Nakamura ask Sam and Frack for the new issue of 9th Wonders!. Sam thinks it's some kind of trick but Ando says the answer to getting back Hiro's power is in one of the comics. He shows him the current issue, which shows what they're speaking as they say it. When Sam demands payment for the comics, Hiro gives Sam his company credit card and starts going through back issues of 9th Wonders! Hiro goes through the comic books which show his previous adventures. Matt Parkman, Sr. arrives and Frack points out there was an eclipse on the day Hiro got his powers. He thinks that their powers will come back when the eclipse ends. Matt finds a comic that shows Daphne Millbrook running out of her home and heads back there. Ando tells Hiro that he will soon get his powers back, but Hiro says he doesn't want to grow up and runs into the bathroom. Ando reads the issue of 9th Wonders! that Hiro was reading and sees the panels of Hiro killing Sylar, meeting Charlie Andrews, fighting Adam Monroe, and his father Kaito Nakamura dead. Sam knocks on the bathroom door and tells Hiro that he has to grow up. Hiro notes that they never grew up: all they do is read comic books and eat junk food. Sam says that as a hero, saving the world comes before everything else. Hiro asks why he should bother being a hero if Kaito is dead. Sam says that anyone can make a difference. Hiro finally comes out and thanks Sam. Frack, going through a 9th Wonders! comic, finds a panel that shows Kaito giving baby Claire to Noah. The panel shows the modern Hiro and Claire hiding behind the ferns in the greenhouse. Frack concludes that Hiro needs to take Claire back so he can regain his memories. When they wonder how they can find Claire, Hiro goes through another issue and finds the scene he needs. He teleports away as Sam says, "Best day ever". Matt and Daphne return to Sam's Comics and discover that Hiro is gone. Sam reveals they have the last posthumous issue of Isaac Mendez's comic and there's nothing else. However, Sam talks of a urban legend that Isaac gave one final story to a bike messenger on the day he died.

Building 26

Rebel sends Claire Bennet a text message telling her to save Alex Woolsly at Sam's comics. Claire finds Alex in Sam's Comics, just as "Rebel" said she would. When she delivers her warning message, an incredulous Alex mocks her, saying that Victor put her up to this for revenge and she'll have to do a better job to convince him. Claire seizes a box cutter from the counter and cuts open her hand — the deep gash heals before his very eyes, and Alex stares at her in wonder. The door opens and Claire sees her father come in. She and Alex beat a hasty retreat through the shop before Alex walks into plain sight. Noah claims he's from the county records office and wants to talk about some parking tickets outside, when Claire calls her father as a diversion. While Bennet is distracted, Alex smashes him over the head with a rack of comics and he and Claire run out. Noah recovers and calls in a team while the two teens speed off in Alex's car.

Graphic Novel:The Swimmer

Claire meets Alex at his place of work, shows him her ability, and warns him of danger.

Shades of Gray

Claire Bennet goes to get a job at Sam's Comics to protect Sandra and Lyle from the agents. She thinks this will help if Rebel sends any more fugitives for her to help. She speaks to her employer who asks her several difficult questions, and Claire is about to give up and leave when the manager tells her she's got the job.

Brave New World

Tommy has a copy of 9th Wonders!, Issue #31, the cover of which features Ando and Hiro at Sam's Comics.

Heroes Evolutions

The Agent

In chapter 3 of The Agent, Liliane says that a friend of hers that works at Sam's Comics saw a blond haired woman and Alex Woolsly run off together. Later Dave Woolsly says that he heard what happened at Sam's Comics.

Faction Zero

In chapter 1 of Faction Zero, a homeless guy comes in the store, but Vic tells him to go away. Eric, comes in and talks with Claire. Then, Rachel comes in and Eric hides. Sandra passes by. Rachel tells Claire about the homeless guy and that she wants to capture him, and Claire agrees to be bait. Claire goes outside and a little later Rachel teleports outside. Later they discuss about what they heard from Mensen.

In chapter 2 of Faction Zero, Claire is talking to Hiro and Ando when Alethea Thorn arrives at the store, and uses her power to send Vic away. She tells them she is being chased by a former Building 26 agent, and they agree to help her. While Hiro and Ando stay outside the store, and spot someone they think is the agent, he breaks in from the back. After a standoff, Penn forgives Alethea and they leave.

In chapter 3 of Faction Zero, Claire leaves work early to spend time with her mother.

In chapter 4 of Faction Zero, Claire and Rachel meet Micah at Sam's Comics, and he informs them about Eric Thompson, Jr.. They then leave to hunt him down, and return later with several members of Unity and discuss what happened.

In chapter 5 of Faction Zero, Vic glares at Claire, upset that she is really leaving for college. Claire and Rachel discuss what to do next when West and Alex show up. Alex asks Vic for his job back, and a happy Vic agrees. They then leave to finish things with Eric Thompson, Jr..


  • The Sam's Comics in Tokyo displays a large poster for The Day the Earth Stood Still, advertising the film's release date as 12-12-08. However, Hiro and Ando arrive at Sam's in the spring of 2007; filming on the movie didn't begin until December 2007.


  • Sam's Comics carries a variety of real world comic franchises, such as Spider-Man, The Hulk, and Captain America; specifically mentioned were issues in which Spider-Man revealed his identity, The Hulk was red, and Captain America was dead. All of the comics Hiro mentioned were made by Marvel Comics (It's Coming). Sam's also carries several Aspen titles, including Fathom, Shrugged, and Soulfire (The Swimmer).
  • According to the November 24-December 7, 2008, issue of TV Guide, the set for the Sam's Comics in Lawrence, KS, was built on the Heroes soundstage in Los Angeles. To make the set authentic, the bins were stacked with more than $15,000 worth of comics, many of them collector's items. Among the comics are Ultimate X-Men by Aron Coleite, Secret Invasion: Inhumans by Joe Pokaski, Hulk #1 (also known as Red Hulk) by Jeph Loeb, and Captain America: White by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. Other comics that can be seen include Spider-Man, She-Hulk, and Iron Man. Several issues of X-Men can be seen in the Tokyo store.
  • Sam's Comics in Costa Verde is located on Buford. (Building 26)

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