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Nerve gas emission

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Nerve gas emission
Nerve gas emission.jpg
The Manhattan target sweats, releasing nerve gas.
Held by: Manhattan target
Ability to: Emit nerve gas

Nerve gas emission is the ability to emit nerve gas.



Penny Logan states that "when he gets nervous, he sweats. When he sweats, he emits a nerve gas".

Penny stops him as he begins to sweat, with a taser, so the full effect, duration, and range of his ability is yet to be revealed.


  • In an interview, writer Mark Sable commented that when Penny captures the Manhattan target, he is "probably starting to emit a bit of nerve agent, but not yet enough to harm anyone around him. Penny is able to take him down just before he can release a fatal dose." Mark also noted that the target does not have any conscious control over his ability.
  • Nerve gases, also called nerve agents, are normally liquid at room temperature. However, nerve agents are readily vaporized or aerosolized allowing for entry into the body through the respiratory system. Thus, it is not clear whether the target's sweat contained nerve agent in liquid form, and/or the nerve agent was released as a gas into the air.

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