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First appearance Road Kill
In-story stats
Known ability None
Date of death October 2006
Occupation Trucker

Sylar hitches a ride with Rudy, an ill-fated Northeast Brewing Company trucker.

Character History

Graphic Novel:Road Kill

Sylar meets a trucker for the Northeast Brewing Company, who gives Sylar a lift in the cab of his 18-wheeler. The trucker is happy to have Sylar along, as he feels it's good karma. However, when the trucker tells Sylar that he's heading west and won't be heading towards Virginia Beach for four days, Sylar gets out. The man gives Sylar a six-pack, and Sylar returns the favor by telekinetically breaking the bottles and jamming them into the trucker's back. Sylar puts the corpse in the back of the truck, until he crashes the vehicle, allowing the authorities to think the man's dead body is Sylar's.


  • The trucker's name never appears in the graphic novel. The name Rudy is found only in the script for Road Kill, written by Joe Pokaski.


  • In reality, there is no brewing company called Northeast Brewing Company. However, there is a restaurant called North East Brewing Co. in Allston, MA.
  • The trucker works for the Northeast Brewing Company, which has the same initials as NBC. Artist Jason Badower said NBC was very specific about the name they wanted for the trucking company. Jason didn't realize the abbreviation while creating the novel; had he picked up on it, he would have designed a different logo.

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