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Olympic Coffee Shop and Restaurant

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Olympic Coffee Shop and Restaurant
Olympic Coffee Shop.jpg
Location: Illinois
Purpose: Serving coffee and food

The Olympic Coffee Shop & Restaurant is a diner that was visited by Luke and Sylar and ambushed by Danko's team.

Notable Visitors


Building 26

Sylar and Luke stop outside the diner. Sylar is irritated by Luke's attempts at small talk but a large bird in the parking lot causes Luke to ask if Sylar likes birds, as his father did. As they eat in the diner, Luke uses his powers on another customer's drink, causing it to erupt. Sylar tells him to stop and says that powers should not be used for fun, and that it's important to always have an objective. Sylar reveals that he used to be motivated by acquiring abilities, but now all he wants is to meet his father. Luke writes down Samson's address on a paper placemat, and Sylar states there's nothing to keep him from killing Luke now.

Two members of a security team casually walk into the diner, one from the back door and one from the front. Sylar and Luke try to leave discreetly, but a plainclothes agent points a gun at Sylar's head. Luke causes a distraction by acting like Sylar's hostage, and this allows Sylar to use telekinesis to disarm the agents, break a window, and pull Luke outside. Sylar then escapes in the car, leaving Luke behind to be captured. The agents are preparing to leave the parking lot when their vehicle is attacked from within. Sylar emerges from the back of the van, dressed as one of the team, having killed them all. He recovers a laptop and carries off the drugged Luke.


  • According to Greg Beeman's blog, the Olympic Coffee Shop is actually located in San Fernando, California. The filming crew was only allotted about eight hours to film the whole scene. These eight hours were spread out over two days.

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