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Homeland Security agent (II)

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Homeland Security agent
Homeland Security agent (II).jpg
Portrayed by Dean Cudworth
First appearance Building 26
In-story stats
Known ability None
Formal name Unknown
Date of death 2007
Occupation DHS agent

A Homeland Security agent tries to capture Sylar.

Character History

Building 26

At the Olympic Coffee Shop and Restaurant, the agent's arrival through the front door is noticed by Sylar. Sylar and Luke try to leave the shop, but a plainclothes agent holds a gun to Sylar's head. When Sylar uses telekinesis to turn the tables on his captors, the agent shoots at Sylar, but he and Luke get away.

Graphic Novel:Exodus

The agent grabs Rachel Mills and shoves her, head first, into a wall in the Building 26 shooting range. He then hangs on to her while Danko talks with her and prepares an injection, and is surprised to see her suddenly disappear. Later, he and Agent Harper rush into the fugitives coma ward and begin firing at her. When Rachel teleports out of the way, their bullets hit a woman, Mary Krause, and a man, Gordon Hovey, whom Rachel freed.

The agent witnesses Rachel disable Agent Harper from behind and grabs Harper's gun. He then points one gun at Rachel and the other at Gordon. The agent then tells everyone to stay back, calling them freaks. However, he is grabbed by Gordon and turned into sand.

Heroes Evolutions

The Agent

In chapter 10 of The Agent, an alarm goes off and Agent Harper and the agent charge into the Building 26 fugitive coma ward and begin firing. Some of their shots hit and instantly kill a woman who sits up from her bed just in time to get hit. Others are turned into sand as they hit a nearby man. After Rachel Mills disables Agent Harper, she teleports behind this agent, who is continuing to shoot bullets into the other man she freed despite them turning into sand. When the agent spots Rachel behind him, he turns and screams for them all to stay back, calling them freaks. However, the man he was shooting at grabs the agent's shoulder and disintegrates him into chunks of sand.

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