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Samson Gray's trailer

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Samson Gray's trailer
Samson's Cabin.jpg
Samson Gray's trailer
Location: Unknown
Purpose: Residence

Samson Gray relocates himself to a trailer after fleeing from government agents.

Notable Residents

Notable Visitors


Shades of Gray

Sylar finally finds Samson Gray at his trailer in the woods. Samson mistakes Sylar for a delivery man who's come to collect some stuffed animals, but Sylar says he's Samson's son and that he plans to kill him. Samson turns around, revealing he's on oxygen, and tells him to go ahead as he's dying of cancer anyway. Samson performs taxidermy on a rabbit, with Sylar's assistance, revealing in the process that he possesses several abilities, including sedation. When he discovers that Sylar not only has the same basic ability but can also heal, Samson uses telekinesis to pin him to the wall with arrows, then sedates him. Sylar wakes up to find his father trying to cut open his head and take his regeneration ability. But Sylar successfully uses telekinesis to disarm and restrain his father, and comments that as a hunter, he should have known he was "playing possum". He nearly strangles Samson with his oxygen tubes, but eventually leaves him to die in pain from his disease. Samson is later seen smoking calmly in his chair, breathing with an oxygen mask.

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  • For a conceptual sketch of Samson Gray's trailer, see here.

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