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Phoenix mimicry

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Phoenix mimicry
A Night Out.jpg
Draph using the fire-wielding aspect of his ability.
Originally held by: Unknown
Absorbed by: Draph
Ability to: Mimic the properties of a phoenix

Phoenix mimicry is the ability to take on the characteristics of a phoenix. This includes the ability to fly, produce healing tears, wield fire, and reincarnation from one's ashes.


  • Draph has replicated this ability from an unknown individual. (Slow Burn)


With this ability, Draph can fly, produce flames, cry regenerative tears, and be reborn from his ashes if killed. It is also noted that a beginner with this ability would only be able to perform slight self-levitation, fire mimicry, and reincarnation. But as a user has "immortality," one with this ability can train to use many other of the mythical powers of a phoenix. These would include the previously mentioned traits.


  • Draph lights up his hands with bright blue flames while staring down a group of attackers at the bar. (Slow Burn)

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