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Sylar's Revenge

  • Eden and the Haitian betray everyone by forming the Brotherho- ... the "new organization" with Magnet.... err.... Sylar? - Icewind
    • Hehe, the show's predictable at times, but not that predictable. Eden has been displaying some displeasure with HRG lately, but The Haitian's facial expressions seem to indicate that he believes they are doing the right thing by taking down Sylar. However, I do think that Sylar will be nearly impossible to control, given his Magneto-like abilities to toss things around just by thinking of it, and he does not have the "metal only" limitation. I think that Eden was lucky to catch Sylar off guard, and the instant that Eden's "sleep" wears off, Sylar is going to be quite a handfull. --Orne 12:58, 21 November 2006 (EST)