This wiki is a XML full dump clone of "Heroes Wiki", the main wiki about the Heroes saga that has been shut down permanently since June 1, 2020. The purpose of this wiki is to keep online an exhaustive and accurate database about the franchise.


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Hi, I'm Scott, and my fiancé and I are both big fans of Heroes. I'm located more or less around the West Chester, PA area. I'm an electrical engineer working in the de-regulated electricity industry, and I'll be doing what I can to keep this Wiki organized!

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To date, I've never watched an episode of Heroes live... I'm a secretary in a bowling league that meets every Monday night for 32 weeks a year. I get home at about 9:30pm every Monday and proceed to watch the episode on time-slip on the DVR. (It's actually more enjoyable, because I skip all the commercials and still get done at about the same time as everyone else.)


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