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Peter and "Nathan" visit Store-It-Here.
Location: Arlington, VA
Purpose: Storage

Store-It-Here is a storage facility, where you can keep anything you want.

Notable Occupants

Notable Visitors


Brother's Keeper

René gives Peter the address for Store-It-Here.

At the Store-It-Here in Arlington, VA, Peter takes "Nathan" to the numbered storage room on the card and opens it. Inside is a large metal case that contains a body. Nathan opens it to discover that it's his body. Peter insists that it isn't him, but Nathan wonders why René wanted them to see it. Nathan touches the body and has flashes of memory, including a hotel room, Sylar and an angry Matt saying something.


Peter tells Angela that he and Nathan went to Store-It-Here and saw Nathan's dead body. Angela realizes that René must have told them about it.


  • The Store-It-Here business card that René gives to Peter has the number 4638 on the back of it.
  • Nathan's body is held in storage unit number 106.

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