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Noah's storage unit

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Noah's storage unit
Noah's storage unit.jpg
Location: Unknown
Purpose: Storing Noah Bennet's Company equipment.

Noah Bennet keeps a storage unit with items he has collected over the years while working for the Company.

Notable Visitors


Cold Wars

Nathan Petrelli visits the Bennets' home and convinces Noah to help him in exchange for keeping Claire safe. Noah takes Nathan to his storage unit to retrieve his weaponry. They look through many boxes, folders, safes, and weapons in the storage room.

Matt Parkman uses his telepathy to retrieve the combination for the door and also the location of the storage room from Noah. He gives this information to Peter, who flies to the facility. A security camera within the unit catches Peter's actions, and alerts an analyst. Despite Danko's warnings, Nathan orders that Danko's men capture Peter inside the storage facility. They storm the unit, but Peter creates a diversion using a smoke grenade and flies away.


  • The facility is located at 1319 Racing Avenue. Noah's unit is St. Unit 616.
  • The combination is 7-9-5-7 (Cold Wars). Tim Kring was born on July 9, 1957. Coincidentally, if the numbers are substituted with letters on a phone, one possibility is that they spell out "S-Y-L-R."

Storage Facilities edit

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