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Sue Landers

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Sue Landers
Sue Landers.jpg
Portrayed by Elizabeth Ann Bennett
First appearance Our Father
In-story stats
Known ability Lie detection
Date of death 2007
Home Orange County, CA
Occupation Office worker

Sue Landers was an evolved human with the ability to detect when others are lying. She was killed by Sylar in her office.

Character History


By entering his sister Shanti's name as a password, Mohinder Suresh is able to unlock a list of evolved humans. Sue's name is included on that list.

Our Father

Sue Landers heads towards her office as co-workers call out "Happy birthday!" Sue enters to find Sylar holding a package. Sylar says that he has a delivery for her, but she replies that he doesn't. Sylar asks how she was able to figure that out and telekinetically slams the office door. Telling her that he covets her ability, Sylar throws Sue against the wall and slices the top of her head off. As Sylar prepares to take Sue's ability, he says "I almost forgot how good this felt."

A moment later, three office workers enter the room shouting "Happy birthday!", only to find a bloody Sylar kneeling next to Sue's lifeless body. "Cake?", Sylar asks Sue's shocked co-workers before once more slamming the door shut.

Tabula Rasa

When regaining his memories, Sylar recalls killing Sue.

Evolved Human Abilities

Sue Landers had the ability to detect when others were lying.



  • Sue's phone number is 714-555-0149. The 714 area code is the northern part of Orange County, California.
  • Sue Landers' name is a play on the word "slander", which means to lie about someone.

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Fan Theories

Please refer to Theory:Sue Landers for fan-created theories and other speculation.

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