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Just a funny detail

Well, as you guys know she is the mother of Tommy, right? So there is Tommy Clark and this woman, called Anne Clark. And "Anne" means "Mother" in Turkish. So there is Tommy Clark and Mama Clark.--Sekobro (talk) 12:31, 19 October 2015 (EDT)

  • Interesting, I wonder if that's a coincidence or planned. By any chance does the Turkish word indicate someone who maybe is an adoptive mother or is it the common word for mother? (Admin (talk) 12:57, 19 October 2015 (EDT))
    • Just "mother". But we don't have a word for "adoptive mother", even if a woman adopts someone and takes care of them, they are still counted as a mother in our culture. We've got a word for step-mother which is "Üvey anne or Uvey anne(for those of you without unicode)", but as i said, it means step-mother, a woman that becomes your mother after marriage.--Sekobro (talk) 16:47, 19 October 2015 (EDT)
    • Ok, I just looked it up, we actually have a word for adoptive mother but it's an old and unused word. It is "Analık or Analik". The word "Anne" comes from old Turkish word "Ana", so Analık means someone who takes up responsibilities of a mother.--Sekobro (talk) 16:52, 19 October 2015 (EDT)


I reckon Anne Clarke had teleportation, but lost it to Tommy/Nathan.--Masterofgravity (talk) 10:42, 7 November 2015 (EST)

  • No, Tommy still had Hiro's space-time manipulation. You see in Hiro's house he sends Noah back to present day and it still uses the same/similar effect as Tommy's ability always has. In this case the visual effect is just different than Hiro's. (Admin (talk) 12:12, 7 November 2015 (EST))
  • I agree with Admin. I recommend Masterofgravity to compare it to how Arthur Petrelli sent Claire through time without teleporting himself in Season Three of Heroes, the episode Our Father.--MiamiVolts (talk) 14:28, 7 November 2015 (EST)
    • Yeah. Another example of someone with STM teleporting someone but not themselves is when Future Peter teleported Matt to Africa at the start of Volume 3. -Kon (talk) 15:05, 7 November 2015 (EST)

I'm not talking about an aspect of Hiro ability, teleportation "TP" and "STM" are complete different "TP", seem like " every thing is going to be suck into a big black hole." Whereas " STM" is more popping effect. What happens between, the episodes, Brave New World "BNW" to Game Over "GO", and June 13th should be spereate, Hiro's, Noah's, Quentin's, Erica's, Tommy's/Nathan's, Mohinder's, and Malina Timelines were somewhat alters.*In "BNW": Hiro was transported into Evernow, so he wasn't at the festival, and therefore couldn't take Malina and Tommy/Nathan back to 1999, if he wasn't trapped in Evernow, there would had been no need to create Miko in order to save him; Hiro couldn't save Mohinder life in a "BNW", since, he was trapped, The "BNW" Hiro wouldn't feel the need to resuce Mohinder, "BNW" Hiro doesn't know, that Erica is anti evo. Mohinder in a "BNW" is likely killed, as there is no Hiro to intervene, and Erica has a shapeshifter working for her, like Harris, he is safe. In "BNW" Erica wouldn't had gotten shot, and ended up in hospital,her and Quetin would had missed each other on the stairs. Noah in a "BNW" would had his mind wiped, about where, the twins where, outside, and not at the point in June 13th part 2 by Matt Parkman.--Masterofgravity (talk) 05:32, 8 November 2015 (EST)