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EM interference.jpg
EM interference
Nickname Volts
Powers Electromagnetic interference, Patrolling
Sex Male
Age Old enough to drink, young enough to not want to
Home Miami, FL
Favorite Heroes quote We are the people. Our strength united. And you are alone.
Favorite quote Acceptance has to come naturally and so it will. Later.
Favorite episode Company Man
Favorite graphic novel Revolutionary War, Part 2
Favorite actor Bob Hope
Favorite actress Julie Andrews
Favorite Heroes actor Lestat
Favorite Heroes actress Adair Tishler
Favorite character Pigeons
Least favorite character Marcus
Favorite power Space-time manipulation
Favorite impersonator Steve Bridges
Favorite fruit North American cantaloupe
Favorite sport Racquetball
Favorite magazine Popular Science
US I am from the United States
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MiamiVolts' User Page

Hello, and welcome to my userpage.

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Categories to review

The following are a few other tasks to check besides Special:Wantedpages:

  1. Pages to be renamed -- Discussion of power names and other article names
  2. Articles without images -- Articles needing images
  3. Cast articles without real-world images -- Cast articles needing OOC images
  4. Cast and Crew Stubs -- Cast and crew articles needing expansion/development
  5. Stubs -- Articles in general needing expansion/development


  • Favorite Episodes:
  1. Company Man
  2. Villains
  3. Five Years Gone
  4. Eris Quod Sum
  5. I Am Become Death
  • Favorite Graphic Novels:
  1. Revolutionary War, Part 2
  2. Walls, Part 1
  3. Faces, Part 1
  4. Root and Branch, Part 1
  5. War Buddies, Part 2

My Collection of Obsolete Heroes Wiki Talk Pages

Spanish Version of Heroes Wiki

Lots of red links here. I may help out if I get the time.

IMDb Heroes Message Board Links

I am also an IMDb user and am linking here some of my favorite threads.

  • Note: The below threads have been auto-deleted by the IMDB. Expiration is currently about two months:

Takezo Kensei storyline theory:

Rollo Fusor's accomplice is Angela theory:

Golden Handshake theories thread:

Favorite Villainous Ability for Season 2:

My Collection of Wild Theories w/ Basis on the ending of Season 1:

  • This is slightly outdated now. ;)--MiamiVolts 11:47, 17 April 2007 (EDT)

Chromefox's String Theory thread:

masterofpuppets-1 Timeline Questions Thread:

Alternate-Future Timeline Thread:

If you have comments for me, please sign and leave them on my talk/discussion page. Thanks!