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With him being on Prison Break, it was kind of odd seeing him on two different new shows on two different networks on the same day. -Lөvөl 02:42, 23 October 2007 (EDT)

  • It still gets me every time I see Jayma Mays on Ugly Betty--playing "Charlie", no less! -- RyanGibsonStewart (talk) 14:20, 23 October 2007 (EDT)
    • I couldn't believe it was him when I saw him on PB.--Citizen 8:49, October 27 2007
      • My dad has been hooked to Prison Break and Heroes 'causa me, and today we were getting him caught up on Heroes (we watched all the way from The Hard Part to Out of Time today) and when we saw Will he turned to me and thought it was awesome.--Riddler 01:22, 12 November 2007 (EST)