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Riddlers eyes go dead as he begins to draw.
In-story stats
Known abilities Illusion, Invisibility, Lightning, Pyrokinesis, Precognition, Telekinesis, Space-Time Manipulation, Duplication, Luminescence, Tomatosis
Alias Rob
Age 18
Date of birth April 27th
Occupation Student
Sibling Riddler's sister (power: teleportation)



I almost pissed myself. During the Heroes Premiere Event, they showed clips of Heroes fans. Though I didn't win, they used two of my videos. Phasing and Pyrokinesis. While it sucks they chose two clips and used segments that you can't see my face, I am beyond excited they used my footage to begin with. I'll post a link to it when I get one.

Heroes Wiki Heroes

I started the Heroes Wiki Heroes page, and I must say I like how it's looking. Check it out, and contribute =].

Powers I plan to do:

  • Technopathy
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Phasing
  • Flight
  • Rapid Cell Regeneration

Powers I plan to improve:

  • Pyrokinesis
  • Lightning
  • Telekinesis
  • Space-Time Manipulation
  • Illusion
  • Invisibility

Non-Heroes Themed Special Effects

Since it'll be a while before we see Heroes again, and I can only do so many powers, here are some other effects.

Hit up my talk page and tell me what you think!

Behind the Eclipse


Season Two, Week Six
Riddler Rob of Long Island, NY asks, "Do you think any staff of the 'Heroes' production team (anyone from writers to producers, etc) will make cameo appearance on the show? I think it'd be cool to see a couple of you guys show a power - just try not to get killed by Sylar."

We're very shy - and hideously ugly. Oh, well.


Season Two, Summer Spectacular Part II
Riddler Rob of Long Island, New York asked:

For starters, I'm big into debates, and there is one that is driving us over at Heroeswiki insane. You guys nodded to “Electrokinesis” in a past BTE. Can we consider this a coined term, or is something along the lines of “Electricity Generation,” “Electricity Manipulation,” or “Electrogenesis” more accurate?”

Consider no term coined. This is the real world.

Second, we've seen the past “Rapid Cellular Regeneration,” which could be shortened to just Regeneration, and the more recent “Adoptive Muscle Memory,” which some people originally called “Photographic Reflexes.” Will we see any more powers scientifically renamed to the masses by Suresh?

Heck yeah. And we’ll see how close he can come to accuracy.

Riddler Rob is chatty today and has one more for you.

Do you think any staff of the “Heroes” production team (anyone from writers to producers, etc.) will make cameo appearances on the show? I think it'd be cool to see a couple of you guys show a power... just try not to get killed by Sylar.

Foz McDermott, who is the assistant to Co-Executive Producer Jim Chory, did show up as a bouncer in episode 208 “Four Months Ago” - and you can see a lot of names and faces of our crew in props and desk-plates around the show.


Season Three, Week Two
Riddler --SubPsych on YouTube-- of Long Island, NY asked:

“During the ‘Countdown to the Premiere’ event, Ali Larter introduced ‘Some of the greatest fans in the world,’ in which two of the clips were mine (snapping fingers to flame and walking through the wall) How were the winners and those featured during the montage chosen?”

We have no idea. We’ll have to get back to you on that one, Katie Couric.

Other Heroes related stuff


Some characters I've come up with, I think would be fairly nice on the show.

Name Location Ability Description
Cherie Alderman London, England Pheremone Manipulation She can induce many emotional and physical responses, including fear, anger, lust, calm, happiness and sleep.
Ayira Asantewa Nairobi, Kenya Sound manipulation She can generate vocal sounds to a higher amplitude than other humans. She prefers not to speak, due to it.
Alexander Bellamont Lansing, Michigan (formerly Lyon, France) Cloning He may duplicate into multiple copies, those of which run on free will unless specifically commanded by him.
Blank Berlin Long Island, New York Shapeshifting, Omnilingualism Along with his ability to speak any language, including animal, he can shapeshift into any race or animal to match.
Benjamin Hyler Detroit, Michigan Manifestation Activation He has the ability to, through concentration, "activate" the powers of other "special" humans. This won't work on a regular person.
Bethany Hyler Detroit, Michigan Weather Control She can control any aspect of weather, from rain to snow. Her power manifested at a very early age due to her father and she couldn't control herself.
Elisa McIlroy Dublin, Ireland Extra Sensory Perception Although blind, she can sense things, both animate and inanimate, around her. Furthermore, she can sense when others have evolved abilities.
Erin Mills Long Island, New York Enhanced Coordination She can aim, throw, catch, and dodge with perfect accuracy.
Oscar Schenck Dresden, Germany Enhanced vision He can see farther and closer than most humans, as well as in the dark or extreme brightness.

For Fun

Get a joy out of watching my insane dog. See Here =P