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Talk:Francis Culp

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Potential rename

Should we rename this page to "Francis (craps player)"? It'd be better than having the name of the series in the title... -Kon (talk) 06:21, 27 September 2015 (EDT)

  • I agree. -- RyanGibsonStewart (talk) 09:22, 27 September 2015 (EDT)
  • Well. Might we see more of this guy? Was he just a means to (re)introduce us to Molly or is he recurring? If he's recurring it would be pretty silly to keep referring to one thing he was doing in the first episodes. :) I would opt to wait a bit. If he doesn't come back then the rename would make sense to me. (Admin (talk) 12:19, 27 September 2015 (EDT))
  • Alternatively I wouldn't personally mind if the existing Francis got modified and this article took its place. The existing Francis was a very minor character. (Admin (talk) 12:23, 27 September 2015 (EDT))
    • I'm thinking it could be a good idea to wait until next episode has aired until renaming. Personally, doubt playing crops will turn out to be a big character trait of his. Then again, IF we want to go ahead and change the name right awat, I'd go with either Francis (Renautas) or Francis (Taylor's partner) --Pierre (talk) 12:29, 27 September 2015 (EDT)
      • Agreed on waiting until the next episode. Ideally, too, we'll find out Taylor and Francis's last names. --Radicell (talk) 21:12, 27 September 2015 (EDT)
  • Ok, I renamed this to Francis and renamed the old Francis to Francis (Heroes). If/When we find out his last name it'll be an easy move again plus we'll have the first name redirect that we like to have with characters people will want to search for. (Admin (talk) 23:38, 1 October 2015 (EDT))
    • Good call. However, I'd prefer to have the other Francis article at "Francis (guard)" or "Francis (Parasite)" rather than putting the series name in the parenthetical note. Thoughts? --Radicell (talk) 00:15, 2 October 2015 (EDT)
      • That'd be fine by me. (Admin (talk) 00:19, 2 October 2015 (EDT))


The summary for Send in the Clones says that Francis was rescued from Sunstone. I just rewatched the scene where Carlos and Farah rescue the evos, but I didn't see Francis. Could someone point him out to me? -Kon (talk) 12:05, 18 January 2016 (EST)