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Francis Culp

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Francis Culp
Craps player.jpg
Portrayed by Peter Mooney
First appearance Odessa
In-story stats
Known ability Telekinesis
Occupation Former Renautas agent
Significant other Taylor Kravid
Child Unborn child

Francis Culp was the partner of Taylor and was tasked with capturing Molly Walker. Francis is an evolved human with the ability to move objects with his mind.

Character History


Francis is at the Hotel Dean where he has achieved a large winning streak playing craps. A woman, who initially goes by "Zoe" approached him and Francis has her act like his lucky charm before cashing out and taking her back to his hotel room. Zoe deduces that Francis is an evolved human and throws a knife at his face, which he telekinetically stops. Francis then feigns agreeing to give "Zoe" his winnings for her silence however he then uses his ability to force her agains the wall and choke her. After being burned in the face and attacked by another hotel guest, "Zoe" escapes with another woman.

"Zoe" is returned by the other woman, revealed to be Francis' partner named Taylor. Francis then makes a call to an unknown person and states that they have Molly Walker.

Under the Mask

Francis and Taylor take Molly to be boarded onto a plane. A Renautas agent refuses to allow Francis onboard and so Francis tells Taylor to go without him. Onboard the flight Molly reveals that Francis will either be killed or experimented on by Renautas in order to figure out how to turn his ability into technology.

Taylor later attempts to call Francis but is unable to get ahold of him. When Taylor meets her mother, she reminds her that Francis played a huge role in capturing Molly, and asks what happened to him. Erica says to Taylor that the "one of us, one of them" principle does not apply in the bedroom, and that they will talk about Francis tomorrow.

The Needs of the Many

Taylor continues to question her mother on what happened to Francis, stating that he was a "good guy" that she "really cared about". Taylor, Noah Bennet, and Quentin Frady later find Francis comatose and hooked up to a machine in a room in Renautas Headquarters, alongside many other evolved humans. Taylor is forced to leave Francis behind after Molly sacrifices herself.

The Lion's Den

At the Kravids' home, Erica asks her daughter Taylor if she had summoned her to talk about Taylor's "friend", Francis. Taylor reminds her that they were more than friends, and that Erica didn't tell her that Francis would be wired up in a pod with all the other evos in the sub-level of Renautas Headquarters. Erica tells Taylor that Francis knew what he was getting into when he came to work for Renautas, and that he believes in what they are doing.

Game Over

Noah waterboards Harris to make him reveal the locations of Francis and Phoebe. Harris states that Francis is being moved from Renautas Headquarters to another facility, so Taylor returns to Renautas Headquarters to find him. However, she finds that she is too late, as Francis has already been moved.

Sundae, Bloody Sundae

Taylor tells "Erica" that she trusted her until she took Francis. After René introduces himself to Taylor, she tells him that she needs to find Francis.

11:53 to Odessa

Matt hears Taylor think that she needs to find Francis. Matt wonders aloud what she would want with him.

Send in the Clones

Francis is amongst those rescued by Farah and Carlos Gutierrez from Sunstone Manor.

Evolved Human Abilities

Francis has the power of telekinesis, the ability to move objects with the mind. He has used his ability to win games of craps by making the die land on the winning side up. He also used it to stop a knife thrown at him by Molly Walker in mid-air, then to pin her to the wall and choke her.


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