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Which Hyde Park?

The Wikipedia article (linked in the infobox) mentions 3 Hyde Parks in New York state: Hyde Park in Dutchess County, Hyde Park in Otsego County, and New Hyde Park in Nassau County. In the Heroes Wiki, the Hyde Park article states that the first one (Dutchess County) is where Nathan Petrelli and his family live. This is contradicted by the Oliver Dennison article, which from its creation has said that Nathan's home is in Long Island (referring to the one in Nassau County I guess). Do we have a source for either statement, or otherwise as to which of the 3 Hyde Parks (if any) is where Nathan lives?

The List gives Nathan's location as "New York, NY", which arguably is the location associated with him in the Human Genome Project database. Is NYC his place of residence?

Nassau County is on Long Island, right next to NYC and so is the closest to it among the Hyde Parks. Hyde Park in Dutchess County is (per the current article) 100 miles north of NYC. The one in Otsego County is even farther.

The congressional district Nathan is running for is variously given as the 14th District (Don't Look Back) and the 30th district ( Can these help tell where Nathan resides? --Mercury McKinnon 08:04, 7 May 2007 (EDT)

  • New York state has some questionable residency regulations, so it's possible Angela's house is supposed to be his residence within the city ( notes he lives with his mother, which doesn't actually seem to be true in the show, or at least there are two Petrelli homes--one in Manhattan, one in Hyde Park), so I wouldn't worry too much about the residency side of things--besides, the Hyde Park house could be a weekend/summer home for all we know. IMO, that more or less eliminates Long Island (which was how we originally had it labeled, actually), because that town is not called "Hyde Park"--it's called "New Hyde Park". While it's possible that this is one of those instances where the world of Heroes differs from our own, I don't think that we need assume so since there are two more likely candidates. As for Otsego vs. Dutchess counties, Mapquest lists Hyde Park, Dutchess county as ~90 miles from the city, while Hyde Park, Otsego county is ~220 miles away. HP in Dutchess county is pretty well-known as a location for "country" residences of well-to-do New York city folk (as is the whole Hudson Valley area), and is full of big, pretty houses, while HP in Otsego county is ... less so. I'd lean towards Dutchess county both in terms of geography and affluence, but neither is really out of the question.--Hardvice (talk) 13:15, 7 May 2007 (EDT)
  • As for the congressional districts--when it existed, the 30th was in extreme western upstate NY (on Lake Erie), while the 14th covers most of the east side and part of Queens. The 14th district is mentioned in a canon source, while the 30th is only mentioned in Heroes 360 so far. If Angela's house is his legal residence, it could very easily be in the 14th district. I'd say we're either in the middle of a retcon where Nathan never lived in Hyde Park (unlikley as yet) or that his legal residence is his mom's house in Manhattan.--Hardvice (talk) 13:42, 7 May 2007 (EDT)